360 Magazine: Kinect ‘Steals Your Immortal Soul’

360 Magazine: The speculation that the always-on Kinect device can spy on you remotely has finally been quashed this week, with many tech sites reporting quite rightly that this is simply not possible. It is believed that in a no-holds-barred cost-cutting exercise, Microsoft has refused to employ one person to watch you for every Kinect unit sold.

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MNicholas2678d ago

masquerading as an article.

How did this get approved?

r1sh122678d ago just shows how N4G pretty much allows anything on here.

The-Tentacle2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Well I dunno about your soul but it definitely steals £130, which could have bought you a clue, OR...

Vanquish £35
GT5 £40
Fable 3 £35

with £20 to spare.

Kurt Russell2678d ago

I want to play all you mentioned :(

Blaster_Master2678d ago

steals your dignity as well.

-IronMan-2678d ago

Mores likes steals ur money. For something that doesnt work.

rlm422678d ago

Doesn't work?

Are you retarded kid or just blind?

Fishy Fingers2678d ago

Ha, that analyst has some strange thoughts going on there. Pretty funny though.

niceguywii602678d ago

Good god man do you ever take a break from stealth trolling?

God dam you've been trolling 360 articles non stop for months. How do you pay for your bills?

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