Regarding the PlayStation Phone

Looking something like a cross-breed between an Xperia X10 and a PSPgo, the phone features — at this stage — the Android operating system (and corresponding system-required buttons) and a slide-out keypad containing not a QWERTY keyboard but a PlayStation-style set of face buttons, a directional pad and a touch-sensitive strip.

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gamerzBEreal172768d ago

Guys if this was real sony would go all out does it even say playstation anywhere? and yet its the PLAYSTATION PHONE!

zootang2768d ago

This is just a regular PSP phone, very clever. This will not be the PSP 2.

ABizzel12768d ago

That's my question is this the PSP2 or just a PSPhone?

zootang2768d ago


It's got to be a PSP phone. It would be cheap to make and would have a huge back catalogue of games.

ABizzel12768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Bizzy, I kind of like that :)

Fishy Fingers2768d ago

It's all a little strange, I mean someone would of had to put a lot of effort into creating this "fake" and Sony were very quick to dismiss it, although internal leaks are not impossible, to "test" the idea, see how people react to it.

Either way, regarding the branding, lack of PS logo etc, the original leak stated the final design and all the pretty branding hadnt been added, its a prototype, if your making something in secret, you dont stick official branding all over it.

MEsoJD2768d ago

supposedly a prototype, which explains the lack of logos

thereapersson2768d ago

It needs dual CDMA / GSM radios. Carrier-locking a device like this severely limits the people who can use the device. Making a CDMA / GSM hybrid would be the best way to go, IMO.

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BannedForNineYears2768d ago

AKA Not the final design!!!

silvacrest2768d ago

people simply dont read the articles so the few people that do have to keep typing PROTOTYPE

i'll start P.R.O.T.O.T.Y.P.E

Mr_Bun2768d ago

I completely believed that Gizmodo's iPhone 4 pics were fake so I don't know what to think here.

MAJ0R2768d ago

just engadget trying to get some hits

kharma452768d ago

Sony are hardly going to come out and say it's real now are they?

Engadget don't need to go after hits with some sensationalistic story like this.

krisq2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


motherboop2768d ago

He's talking about that BS NowGamer article that was posted a couple of hours ago, it has not been disproven, it's just a site posting lies in order to get a few hits. Reputable sites like Engadget, Kotaku, TheSixthAxis, etc would not be running this story if they didn't think they had something on their hands.

goalweiser2768d ago


Come on. How could you make such a comment. We all know Sony NEVER comments on rumor or speculation.

Stealth20k2768d ago

Even if it was real its confirmed that that wasnt the psp 2

specks too weak, no touch on back of device, ect

silvacrest2768d ago

same ram as a PS3, same CPU as the G2 (with a 200 mhz bump) rom could be better but at least it's got micro sd slot

it your expecting dual core cpu wait for the PSP2 because this is not it

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The story is too old to be commented.