CoD: Black Ops - Exclusive Team DM Summit video

Brand new multiplayer footage available for watching...

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AKissFromDaddy2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Because Treyarch gimped the sniper and changed the shotgun to a primary, Black Ops is primarily an Assault rifle and SMG multiplayer game. LMGs offers huge magazines, however they strip away speed which will work against anyone on Treyarch's larger maps. Shotguns should remain secondary weapons because I find it difficult to believe that winners or top players in BO will run Snipers or Shotguns as primaries. Black Ops multiplayer is an upgraded World at War multiplayer, where Rifles and SMG still rule the land, if you want to win or be a top player.

xYLeinen2676d ago

I'm not going to either agree or disagree before I see an optic running around with a sniper rifle first. Then we'll see.

AKissFromDaddy2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

especially between 1:18 to 2:05, 4:20 to 6:01 & 11:45 to 12:36

PS. Even though I can Quick Scope, I only use the sniper, depending on the team (if they're COD intelligent or not), on Afghan, Estate, Favela, Highrise, Rundown, Skidrow, Terminal, and Wasteland. I can't use it every map and even on the maps I can, it still depends on the opposite team's skill level. Honestly, majority of COD players play for fun but they suck and complain whenever they get raped and cannot mimic another player without practicing.

-Alpha2676d ago

Shotguns are too powerful to be secondary, at least in MW2. Shotguns are fine as primary.

The sniper is not gimped, but I do think quick-scope should have stayed with aim-assist off. IMO it was the aim assist that made it so easy. Otherwise it would be more challenging.

Snipers need to be played as long-range weapons. They are not gimped.

AllroundGamer2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

yep the aim assist is the problem, they could implement somekind of penalty for using it, like for example people with aim assist should make less money/exp, that would motivate them to try play it without it.

JeffGUNZ2676d ago

I agree Alpha, the shotguns are too powerfull to be secondary. I like the way they had it in COD4 and I am glad it is back to this way.

This kid playing had to be the worst FPS gamer I have ever seen. I hope he reads the instructions and knows that you can hold the LT to aim down the sites. The guy was trying to hip-fire from across the map. Pathetic.

AKissFromDaddy2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )


This is my last bubble, so I'll respond with PMs. In terms of balancing Black Ops, shotguns are not balanced weapons as primaries because they have no range, thus IW making shotguns secondary weapons was the best option in Modern Warfare 2 and should have remained in Black Ops. Just like World at War, Black Ops' winners and top players will run Assault rifles and SMG because Shotguns and probably snipers will under-perform in gun fights.


C'mon man, Shotguns in COD4 were unbelievably garbage primary weapons (and in World at War). Look at this video at 1:58 and glance at that range, fire rate, and ammo clip, then watch the rest. Shotguns were best as secondaries because anyone who wanted to win, have a positive K/Ds, or become a top player did not main shotguns in COD4 or World at War. I guess IW acknowledged that as well and made the switch.

@Killjoy Watch the related video I posted, shorten comments and please stop asking questions to yourself because it makes your viewpoint more difficult to understand.

On another note, I cannot play with a sniper or any other weapon at sensitivity ten, so if you can't do it, million of other players can't do it too, that player probably practiced. Lastly, start posting videos to prove points :-).

xAlmostPro2676d ago

i think thats what they'll do.. after the qhole quickscoping poll on the treyarch forums david vahns final comment basically saidquickscoping will stay but be alot harder..

i presume the zoom speed will return to the cod4/waw speed and they'll remove aim-assist from snipers.. but who knows..

-Alpha2676d ago

"shotguns are not balanced weapons as primaries because they have no range, thus IW making shotguns secondary weapons was the best option in Modern Warfare 2"

No, I disagree strongly. Shotguns WERE powerful in MW2 and extremely versatile. It was a capable Close range and even semi-mid range weapon.

In CoD4 they blew, but in MW2 they were perfectly fine. The fact that people ran around with shotguns proves that they were treated and capable as primaries.

JeffGUNZ2676d ago

Honestly, I liked the COD4 shotguns, it tooks some skill to use them and be successful. I liked the challenge. I mean, you are right, it's obvious the majority will pick assault, SMG, and LMG's, but once you learn how to mend your gameplay for shotguns, it can be real exciting.

Really, it all depends on how all the maps work out. If they make them functional for a shotgun class, then more power to them. I guess we will have to wait and see!

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Killjoy30002676d ago

You need to understand that quickscoping is an exploit. Something that is abused excessively by the CoD community by using the strong aim-assist to facilitate one-hit kills and automatic headshots. How can you justify turning your sensitivity up to ten, simply looking at somebody and killing them without even aiming? What about the real snipers who actually work for their kills through the sniper lens? They will get outgunned by a quicksoper every single time just for trying to do it the right way. Also, think about how hard people dominated in CoD4 with the M40. They didn't do that with an exploit, they pulled those kills off with skill.

And as for the shotguns, I believe that since they're primary's now that the game will be far more consistent. I mean, the game was built with quickswapping your secondary in mind. Think about the training sequence of Call of Duty 4. It felt like you could cry too much in MW2 sometimes. I liked how in CoD4, it would really be just you and your gun. It made the game feel more hardcore and survival-esque.

Also, when were LMG's weak spots all the sudden? Tell that to the people who max with the RPD in CoD4 and the Aug-HBAR in MW2. Believe me, they're not underpowered. I'm 10'th prestige on both MW1 and 2. If anything, it was the submachine guns in MW2 that were underpowered, with the exception of the UMP which was strangely really overpowered.

I'm sorry, but CoD is a game that requires great dexterity and accuracy, and if you can't bring either to the table, then you better learn how to snipe the right way.

xAlmostPro2676d ago

yes its an exploit.. but you cant blame people for doing it when its been in the game since the orginal COD.. its the developers fault for not picking up on it before it became a playstyle and now the youtube community being so big has proved that its a valid playstyle.. so treyarch have done the right thing, instead of removing something that actually adds variety and has a huge following.. keep it, but make it very hard so atleast that way everyone can now recognise it as a skill

Killjoy30002675d ago

Try quickscoping in the campaign, then come back to me. Also, they have pretty much completely taken it out. It will just require manual aim.

Gamer_Z2676d ago

You do know that Call of Duty 4 the best in the sereis was like that right? With shotguns being primemary and sniper rifles with less aim assist. to me it sounds like you want it to be just like MW2 maybe you should stay on that game and let the pros (COD4 veterans) handle Black Ops.

Killjoy30002675d ago

Call of Duty 4 was crafted with the hardcore in mind, but as soon as IW figured out that had a multibillion doll blockbuster on their hands, they noobified it up and made it accessible to every Halo fanboy.

r1sh122675d ago

YOu have no clue do you...
You say black ops is an upgrade of world at war, COD4 didnt have shotguns as secondary.
Treyarch have made sure that black ops will take some degree of skill, and that there will be a learning curve.
The learning curve in MW2 is pretty redundant, they give you the 2 most powerful guns in the game of the bat.
The time it takes to switch between primary and secondary in MW2 is dumb.
I mean shotguns have a crazy range, so why do you need more firepower?
Only terrible players who need noob tactics to play want shotguns as secondary.

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AllroundGamer2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

lol the guy in the video is playing like a pro :DDD were those bots around him? i had to close the video, that guy is probably the worst player i ever saw :D

DirtyLary2675d ago

I had to laugh when he stopped to shoot the radar.

Mafia22002676d ago

The hype for this game is even worse than MW2, even thought both look exactly the same

God help us when MW3 is about to come out!

mordakai82676d ago

It's not about looks... it's about gameplay...

- No nuke Killstreak
- New Zombie mode
- Great Weapons
- Wager Match
- Cod Points

The list goes on... It definitely isn't the same game.

xAlmostPro2676d ago

sorry but i have to disagree, alot of people are excited for this but we all seem to be keeping it quiet so we dont over hype it like mw2.. mw2 was a shambles..

this looks great so far, no doubt there will be a few glitches but treyarch seem prepared

TheBalloMan2676d ago

I'm sorry: this player is horrible.

mordakai82676d ago

I couldn't finish the video, and i was only at when he picks up the RPG...

that player really sucked at COD... prolly a wii fan..

Asuka2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

had no problems using the m1014 on cod4. i do agree that it is hard to get top player with it, especially on bigger maps like creek, but it can be done. I would usually have about a 40 kills a game with only 15 deaths usually the m1014.

its all about how you go about using the shotgun. you cannot treat it like a spray and pray like an smg, so you shouldn't necessarily run around like a mindless zombie.

Working in conjunction with a well timed stunned grenade, 3x grenade, martyrdom, you can get pretty beasty.

like i said before, just dont run around like a mindless zombie. if you know an area is heavy with traffic, dont go there. dont run out into the open when you know there is crossfire. This is what kills people more often than anything. they use a shotgun and try to get in as close as they can and completely forget about their surroundings.

oh, and the m1014 is better on cod4 than on mw2 for the simple fact it had a slight faster rof, which makes a difference

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