Castlevania: Lords of Shadow nearly didn't happen

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow proved to be an absolutely delightful game – but according to producer Dave Cox, it nearly didn’t happen at all.

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xYLeinen2825d ago

Thank god it did.. I love action adventure games and Lords of Shadows is the 2nd best game I've played this year.

RankFTW2825d ago

There have been so many amazing games this year that I just refer to them all as joint first, this being one of them.

Dark_Vendetta2825d ago

"Konami cancelled the project, re-approved it, re-cancelled it, and then re-approved again"

Would have been a bad mistake not to release this game.

jc485732825d ago

tbh, I'm glad mercurysystem went through that process as it shows that probably the game was missing something, which is why Kojima came in to help them as an adviser after it has been reapproved. Japanese designers can be pretty demanding, but they are like any client only asking that you do something that doesn't jeopardize the franchise. I guess it's mainly because Konami has lost confidence on third party developers after the disappointing release of Silent Hill Homecoming. Now, Silent Hill 8 is looking a lot more promising than Homecoming and Shattered Memories.

Solidus187-SCMilk2825d ago

I only played SH 1 and 2, but the fact that they are on 8 now is kinda crazy to me.

jc485732825d ago

when it comes to horror games or movies, numbers usually mean nothing to me.

BloodyNapkin2825d ago

Game was average at best. I could have did with out it, and actually i played about half the game and sent it back to gamefly.

jc485732825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

really can't blame ya. It does feel like either you hate it or like it kind of game.

phantomexe2825d ago

really i was surprized how good it was but about half way they really OD on the puzzles. My only complaint with the game is they needed to scatter out the puzzles more not pile them up in the middle of the game. Was a great CV game tho.

2825d ago
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