Camelot's Wii game Revealed

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed that Camelot Software Planning, makers of Mario Golf, Mario Tennis and the Golden Sun series, are working on a Wii game. But its not what you think... (or hope)

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jkoz4043d ago

I don't think, or hope that it will be Golden Sun!

*fingers crossed anyway*

Chaos Striker4043d ago

It will be great if it is Golden Sun. Can't wait to see if it is.

djt234043d ago

i hope the Camelot's games is mmorpg
annd dude that make golden sun we need another game with golden sun in the title

WilliamRLBaker4043d ago

read the article it syas the name of the game is Wii Love golf its gonna be a damn golf gamn damit! that company needs to make an full console version of golden sun! or an sequal or some thing! those games we're amazing lil rpgs, I dont want a golf game if i want an golf game ill get tigerwoods or golden tee 2007 and play it at the bar.