Piracy means that developing for the PSP platform "doesn't make sense"

GamerZines writes:

It would seem that piracy, which has plagued the PlayStation Portable since it launched, is still being viewed as the nail in the coffin for Sony's handheld platform.

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xYLeinen2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Can't the same be said about the PC platform? :p

sinncross2674d ago

Well hopefully the PSP2 will be as difficult as the PS3 to pirate.

gamerzBEreal172674d ago

loll have u been liveing under a rock? once they knew how to do it everyone was hacking the ps3 PS jailbreak wasn't the only one so hopefully not

Cloudberry2674d ago

I mean, how long the 3DS would be safe from piracy?

imvix2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )


The PC gaming Platform is huge 232million Gaming capable PCs as of last year, even a small percentage pirating can mean a huge loss to the Industry, opposite applies when even a small percent is buying. The recent trend of MP gaming has ensured people have to be online to play. PC gamers now log on to platforms like Steam, Battlenet which ensures piracy is controlled.

Further more PC gaming software sales last year were at 13.1 Billion USD, Which is more then all the consoles Combined. Steam reported 200% software sales growth (while console software sales actually dipped). Just as of last week Steam alone had nearly 3 million Users online at one time (which easily competes with PSN or XBL), this figure was in the low 2millions at the start of this year. It would be very difficult for a Publisher to ignore the PC gaming market when its growing at such a good pace and has booming software sales, just like it would be difficult for them to ignore any particular console.

PSP on the otherhand is struggling at the moment when it comes to software sales, hence isnt seeing much support.

Nihilism2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

"PC gamers now log on to platforms like Steam, Battlenet which ensures piracy is controlled. "

But every steam game has been pirated, every propriety online service has been emulated and SC2 is being played on pirate servers as we speak :S


I just wish publishers would learn this and instead cater to the actual customer and cut the DRM B.S. The DSi will have an always on connection to stop piracy, but it, like every other method will be circumvented, a simple chip will be sold ( or the files downloaded ) that people will be able to use to access the bios, and disable that feature, then just like always people will download the games onto an SD card and play for free...

Publishers pay money to make DRM, hackers do it for fun and for free, the publishers can never win.

P.S disagree is not from me.

poindat2674d ago

The only reason the PS3 has been "hacked" is because some moron/criminal leaked official Sony software, which was then cloned and distributed.

Not much of a "hack" really... More like a farce.

darkdoom30002674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

well, PSjailbreak has been patched. If you want to play new games or go online, you'll have to update the firmware, stopping all forms of the jailbreak

PSP piracy has made a huge dent in sales. both ways. High hardware, low software. :|

I remember seeing a games sale stats(i think it was dissida). the amount of pirated downloads outnumbered the actual sales by 7:1

Oddly none of this translates to the japanese market. the handhelds are kings there. PSP (hardware AND software) are selling great there.
It's actually a smart idea to develop for PSP if you're a japanese company.

Sony studios and japanese devs are whats keeping the PSP alive at the moment.

no_more_trolling2674d ago

u still can play new games

Dark_Vendetta2674d ago

Yes you can by exchanging some parts and patching the game, but this method only works until Sony changes any kind of install key or something in the update ( don't ask me what it is exactly, but I read a comment of a Ps3 hacker who said the current method is only temporary, and won't work with the next update).
If they manage to hack the Ps3 in the meantime, than it's a different story.

PS: sorry for the grammer :)

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tdrules2674d ago

But at least the PC has worthwhile games that are not ports of PS2 games

Ocelot5252674d ago

instead most of them are ports of PS3 & 360 games

vhero2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

The PC has the same problem so does every version of xbox. So what's their point? I mean sure it's just come to PS3 but newer games so far don't work thanks to new encrypted keys and probably won't work so most future ps3 games won't work on modded ps3's. Whereas they can't stop it with 360 other than ban your online.. Which they fail at banning most of the pirates. As with PC well... There's tons of piracy groups out there cracking games it's unreal.

avengers19782674d ago

Someone could say the same about the PC, or the 360, or even the Wii.

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Stealth20k2674d ago

tell that to publishers who every month are making and localiing psp games


imvix2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Agreed there is no way to stop Piracy. Personally DRM from steam is light and almost to the point where i feel its not there, the offline mode is very helpful.

I agree Publishers need to learn DRM will only annoy the genuine customer. They should insead focus on making good games and it will sell.


Hell ya Steam while being a DRM is an awesome service. Specially the Steam Cloud. I was traveling the last few weeks, I had an unfinished Civilization 5 game on my Desktop PC which was saved on Steam Cloud. I traveled to the UK(had my Laptop with me), Could continue my game. Its the sort of service which easily makes me overlook the fact Steam is a DRM.

tdrules2674d ago

Gabe hates DRM, he believes providing a service you can only get from buying the product is the best option.
And it works, 3m average online on Steam

kasasensei2674d ago

It's sad. I love my psp and i buy games for it.

dannybohy2674d ago

erm, i dont think so. I got one because you could hack it, and I still got rid of it within 6mths because its cack to use and the games/graphics just arent very good.

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