The Ten Best Looking PSP Games

Having played God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta and having been wowed by the game's amazing visuals, Play mag looks at ten other PSP games whose visuals have impressed it in the past.

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tacosRcool2849d ago

Its sad that I don't see more psp games as these are just stellar titles

N4GAddict2848d ago

PSP is a very underrated system

N4GAddict2848d ago

Peace Walker is incredible

Haxel0514102848d ago

Ghost of Sparta and Peace Walker are the best looking PSP games I've seen.

imoutofthecontest2848d ago

WTF, they don't even have screenshots for some of the games. :(

NnT32912848d ago

No Vice city stories ? that game looks almost the same as the original VC on ps2, I think that's a great technical achievement.