Sony's big tax-back campaign, PlayStation not included

Which? Convo: Looking to jump into 3D by buying an expensive new TV? Or maybe you want to buy your nearest and dearest a laptop? Well Sony’s hoping to get your attention by giving you VAT back on some of its products.

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techie2762d ago

God damn it! That sucks >_< The ad says 'Sony products' EXCEPT FRICKING PLAYSTATIONS

techie2762d ago

So we lose out on over £40 cash-back.

Still... £300 back for a 3D TV sounds good. That's three more pairs of glasses lol.

Stunt2762d ago

Sucks for PlayStation.

SynGamer2762d ago

Too bad this is just in Europe :(

techie2762d ago

Just in the UK - not Europe as a whole =) That 2 minute ad during X Factor must have cost a fortune!

gunnerforlife2762d ago

u got a link to the xfactor advert?

techie2762d ago

Yeah it's embedded in the article itself if you click through gunnerforlife.