Castlevania: Lords of Shadow patch now live

GamerZines writes:

PlayStation 3 owners whose experience of Konami and MercurySteam's epic Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is being marred by the presence of a corrupt save issue will be pleased to learn that a patch has now gone live to neutralise the bug.

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Zezo2849d ago

me either, I've already complete it and it was a hell of a great time :)

The Wood2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

pm me so it isnt spoiled for those who've not completed/played it yet

OT i never had this issue but i was wondering what the patch was for when i dloaded it this morning

Greek God2849d ago

we dont know yet
maybe it will be answered in the sequel / dlc..
but it was pretty surpring^^

NewZealander2849d ago

shame they couldn't fix the choppy frame rate, i would have bought it otherwise.

NewZealander2849d ago

i got the error message, so i ended the game, lucky the save file was still there though.

Dark_Vendetta2849d ago

choppy framerate? I don't know but I'm on chapter 10 right now (on Ps3 but that shouldn't matter) and I didn't notice this even once. I think it's running really good

RankFTW2849d ago

I didn't notice any frame rate issues on PS3.

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dkblackhawk502849d ago

Another lame news piece that really doesn't deserve the heat its getting eh gamerzine?

RankFTW2849d ago

Eh no not really, alot of people will be interested in this, troll somewhere else please.

Snack_Raccoon2849d ago

I never had this issue, didn't know there was such an issue, been playing it through on the hardest difficulty so quite glad I didn't experience it!

Glad it's fixed for all those who did have problems though!

Taggart4512849d ago

I've heard of people getting it on the very last chapter of the game. Consider yourself lucky!

Greek God2849d ago

I stopped playing when iheard this ..
now its time for the Platinum Trophy ^^

wissam2849d ago

Good news. now I am ready to buy this.

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