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Gamespot: 1 hour of Kinect footage

Join Gamespot as they take a look at six of the games coming out for Kinect at launch. (Dance Central, Kinect, Kinect Adventures, Kinect JoyRide, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Xbox 360, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved)

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Wizziokid  +   1459d ago
they have really improved on the delay since E3 but sadly it's still present, I don't think Kinect will ever be 1:1.

I still think I would rather wait then pick it up at launch, because 1 I just got Move and 2 the games still aren't good enough.
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SMW  +   1459d ago
Nor is move, or the wii, or a dual shock controller. There is always some inherent lag in any digital input.

I think kinect looks funtional now, which honestly suprises me. Looks to have the same kind of latency as Move, which MS need to be congratulated for. From what ive seen though of the software, the Move has kinect beat. Ill admit dance central looks trendy and will probably sell out the wazoo, and kinectimals looks to absolutely blow Eyepet out of the water. But Rally ball, table tennis, etc all look like they need some form of control device. Move definately seems to have the upper hand as far as precision, where as Kinects ability to track your body does have its benefits.
pedrami91  +   1459d ago
Nor is move, or the wii, or a dual shock controller.
If anything, the Move is the closest one towards 1:1, not saying it's perfect, just really close.
Pennywise  +   1459d ago
You posted an hour ago, but have the ramblings of a drunken man. lol.

Did you watch the video? Did you see him throwing the ball and nothing happening? It will blow eyepet alright...

Its all too kiddy, casual, and not accurate for me. I am happy for all of you kids that are excited for this thing... you guys and girls enjoy it. MS has been generous enough to bring you this miraculous piece of hardware.
Mr_Bun  +   1459d ago
Kinect is having lag/response issues with games that are about as powerful as those found on Nintendo's Gamecube....how do you think it will behave with games that weren't thrown together overnight (assuming MS decides to ever go that route)?
Lifendz  +   1459d ago
I'm just too self-conscious to get into this stuff. But Kinect will probably prolong the lifespan of the 360 by a few years.
BrianG  +   1459d ago
Just so you guys know 1:1 is different than no lag.

1:1 means your actions are mimicked exactly on screen as you do them, which the closest thing to that right now is Move which shows some good examples of 1:1 with sports champions.

Lag is a different monster. It is hard to eliminate lag, even the Dualshock and Xbox controller have lag.
bananlol  +   1459d ago
You people spek of lag but do you realize that even the best computer mmouse has lag, even the fucking light has lag.
visualb  +   1459d ago
I think they mean RECOGNIZABLE lag...as in, noticeable, present, obvious, can be seen, etc...

light, mouse, and most controllers DON'T have that type of lag, but you are correct...
commodore64  +   1459d ago
listen to all you geeks bicker about lag.

Of course there is lag.
LCD screens have inbuilt lag.
Controllers have lag
Even the vaunted PS move has lag and shows significant problems with 1:1 tracking:

What none of you guys acknowledge was that those gamespot dudes were feeling seriously awkward in front of the camera at the beginning, yet by the end they were joking and laughing and having fun in that dance game.

Honestly, did we expect a roomful of 30+ year old gamer dudes to actually have fun dancing in front of their peers, let alone dancing in front of a camera for the entire internet to see?
Strangely enough, they DID have fun.
That's hard to fake.

I gotta ask all the haters, if these awkward geeks from gamespot can overcome their shy inhibitons and enjoy themselves with kinect, then what's stopping you?

Get off the couch, drop the negativity and give it a go.
Who knows, you might have fun?

After you've had some fun, you can go back to your hardcore games.
Nothing wrong with that, is there?
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Oner  +   1459d ago
LMFAO! Look at the damage control and spin by commodore64 showing an OLD video from The Fight: Lights Out which was known to be a GESTURE BASED title back then and NOT a 1:1 title like Sports Champions or the like.

The PS Move ITSELF is 1:1 accurate IF the dev makes software to utilize it properly. The makers of The Fight: Lights Out were NOT using the accuracy of the PS Moves 1:1 in that video. So that means it's not the fault of the PS Move ~ but the devs themselves.

If the PS Move has been PROVEN/SHOWN to do 1:1 then your video just shows the shortcomings of that particular game by that particular dev. Nothing more. Nothing Less. If you cannot understand that then you are simply ignorantly trolling...which is exactly what you are doing.
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ryuzu  +   1459d ago
So let's be generous, they had 1 hour of fun.

Cost? $150 for Kinect, $60 for game.

Vanquish was getting slated a couple of days ago for only...GASP.... 6 hours of fun at only $60 (or less if you buy online).

BrianG  +   1459d ago
@ Commodore

The game you showed for move, the Fight Lights Out, is gesture based last I heard, so it is not really tracking your motion for what it is. So its not really fair to say that Move in general has problems with 1:1 purely based off that game.

A better example of a game tracking exactly what your doing is Sports Champions, Tumble, etc. Games that are supposed to mimic your exact movements.

I for one was honestly disappointed with the Fight, thought it would do what I did, but oh well.
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THE MAX SPEED 21  +   1459d ago
This is actually working pretty well. Alot of trolls are trolling about the lags in kinect but all montion gaming as lags. I was watching Mr.Net the other day on TV and they were reviewing Move and it had Lags , Wii always had lags aswell. Lag Free motion gaming isnt for anytime soon.
The Maxx  +   1459d ago
@ Oner
I have Sports Champions and as good and accurate as it is, it is NOT 1:1

Play ping pong and you will see. When the AI smashes the ball at you, your reaction is much much faster than that of the paddle on screen.
BrianG  +   1459d ago
@ Max

Your talking about lag, not 1:1 motion tracking. They are different
InTheKnow  +   1459d ago
No surprise...
...it looks great as always. It might not have games the so called hard core gamer will possibly want but the fun factor is there and the casuals will eat it up. When you see people playing Kinect it's smiles for everyone. M$ has ANOTHER winner on there hands...well done M$.

The 4 gb bundle will sell out BEFORE the Kinect sensor does...watch and see...massive hit for the xbox crew this holiday.
iMad  +   1459d ago
Great, just great....for kinds

and later next year for hardcore gamers i hope...as MS promises..and i beleive them. they promised to reduce lag and they did.

will buy then.
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SMW  +   1459d ago
ill get it if they do manage to make some kind of real games for it that work well, and when the price drops. Significantly. Alot.
Mike134nl  +   1459d ago
For some reason I want to buy it after seeing this video even if there aren't any real games for it. Nice to have for when friends come over too visit for a drink.
hennessey86  +   1459d ago
the lag
is minimal now so lets see what the trolls think of next
JokesOnYou  +   1459d ago
I just watched the vid, wow looks pretty responsive to me, even the commentators were impressed with the controls. I did notice a hiccup or two but same with move and wii. Also this is great because it shows tons of gameplay and dispells the BS that micro was trying to hide kinect. This vid to me is better than any review, gamers interested in kinect get to see it in action for themselves. The games are really casual I definitely agree with everyone who wants more core games but I'm in, I like the dashboard menu's interaction. I want to try the chat feature for myself, alway setup something with my cuz and nephews.

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visualb  +   1459d ago
wtf is this?
where are they? green screen? where's kinect? whats up with the weird design and location? why aren't they in a normal room?

not to mention it spends about half the video filming the guys, not the screen? hiding something?

i dno...way too editied and way too produced =|

working better, stil lots of glitches, problems and lag though -_- lets hope it all gets fixed up by the time its released.
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Strikepackage Bravo  +   1459d ago
they explain all that in the beginning of the video, geez.
MELMAN26  +   1459d ago
No matter how good Kinect gets, people on N4G are always going to find a way to hate. Truth is that they are afraid of Kinect. I have the Move (I like it) with all of the available games for it, and I can tell you first hand that it is not as accurate and precise as people on this site try to make it out to be, which is how I know people here are bias. Even though the graphics are better, and the tech is more advanced, it still FEELS like the Wii while using the motion plus.

I will get the Kinect, mainly for the voice commands and navigation tools, the games will just be a plus for me until better games come out, but as of now I want the Fitness Evolved game and Kinect Sports.
DiScOPiMp  +   1459d ago
I have Move for ma PS3 and it's very accurate with the move controller, but my 4 year old plays eyepet and the camera really struggles with all the hand gestures you need to do.. So move isn't perfect either! I have Kinect preordered and kinectimals as my daughter is going crazy for the tiger.. Lol
MELMAN26  +   1459d ago
Yes I agree it is accurate but again, not as accurate precise and lag free as people on this site claim it to be. IMO the only game that shows the best of what Move has to offer is Tumble, and even that has a little bit of delay when you try to move quickly.

I just wish folks would enjoy video games instead of trying to make a bias argument or fight over nothing. If you don't like the the game or motion control then don't buy it.

I dislike Final Fantasy games and any game that plays like it, but that doesn't mean that I am going to try to find Final Fantasy articles and bash it in hope that it fails, its pointless. People are still going to faithfully buy it and enjoy it.
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XactGamer  +   1459d ago
In before the.... nevermind
Zir0  +   1459d ago
Didn't look like there was a single glitch throughout, looks like they finally got all the kinks worked out. For "shovelware" the production values and art style are excellent.
rekof  +   1459d ago
YES !!!

sorry but ps-eye alone works better,..

Related video
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-IronMan-  +   1459d ago
No thanks whoever buys this need their head examine. In my honest opinion.
Wizziokid  +   1459d ago
isn't it there choice and all down to opinion?
karl  +   1459d ago
there is a choice and opinions.. but u cant possibly think as a true gamer that this thing is worth it..

if u are housewife or four year old kid then my bad.. u are allowed to have and opinion, and kinect
alb1899  +   1459d ago
karl you just a bad or shy of your self as a dancer thats why is not fun for you!!!
Free your mind and enjoy things without think what people are saying!!
don't take it seriously...lol!
I'm 33 years old and have a wive and two kids and also have been playing since i was 6, sega master system, nintendo, neo geo, Atari, Genesis, super nintendo, turbo graphic, Jaleco, ps1,2,3, xbox, 360 and wii so i have some experience.
Kinect is fun!
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SantistaUSA  +   1459d ago
I laugh when people say "if you a true gamer" you shouldn't been enjoying Kinect! A true gamer just enjoy games, that's it! There's plenty of games out there for every body to enjoy, just stop hating just because you don't think is fun.
karl  +   1459d ago
my bad.. ok i admit it... it can be fun

i still believe though that u guys are going to be stuck with the same games for years and years to come...
i dont see how variety can be made for this device.. call me crazy but i think this is being advertised as something it isnt..
maybe me saying "u cant enjoy it if u are a true gamer" was to much.. but let me say as a hardcore gamer u cant enjoy it..

then again everyone has a hardcore and casual side over games... but if as hardcore gamer i need to look at this.. i dont see anything that interest me..
now as a casual maybe i see my self with my little sister or my girlfriend playing some games .. but honestly i prefer what move's got to offer over this..

when i play it maybe ill change my mind..
kingboy  +   1459d ago
well that was fun lol
ThatIrishGamer  +   1459d ago
Loving all those hardcore game demo's! The shooters, racing games, beat em ups, adventure games, puzzle games! They all look amazing - oh wait. . . I must have dreamt that as the video only appears to have 5 year old EyeToy games. :S
Trunkz Jr  +   1459d ago
So that music game was suppose to be the best of the bunch?...

Even if I did want this, I sadly don't have the room for it.
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dtrain21  +   1459d ago
Looks like fun. Day one purchase
rlm42  +   1459d ago
Nice, i will purchase Kinect :)
bananlol  +   1459d ago
Dont suppose you live in the EU, got my 360 for cheaper than kinect will sell for here.
rlm42  +   1459d ago
I live in Aus, Kinect costs $200 at launch here.. I'm not buying it at launch though will be sure to pick it up down the track ;)
bananlol  +   1459d ago
where i live it goes for 220 bucks, wouldnt pay more than 50 bucks for one though, and thats supposing it will work properly for menu navigation. I cant get it why they didnt release it with gloves that have diodes at the fingertips, then it could have been like minority report.
alb1899  +   1459d ago
I think is much better than some people was thinking in N4G.
123360  +   1459d ago
under there conditions,with white f@cking walls and alot of rooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm.kinec kt needs you to paint your house before using.theres a headline.they can,t be serious gamespot just sold there ass for a song again
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Trunkz Jr  +   1459d ago
ughh.. Their walls were not actually white, if you actually watched the video you'd know this...
despair  +   1459d ago
yea it was green with a lot of crap behind them, albeit a distance off.
divideby0  +   1459d ago
they are gonna sell a lot of these... but not to core and hardcore gamers for sure.

maybe next year with a price drop and real games, I will buy one for my 360

watching these vids just make my skin crawl, BUT there are a lot of kidz and their parents that are gonna have a great time with this xmas morning....

the target audience has to be 13 and under
kasasensei  +   1459d ago
Dance central looks really fun, but i can't say the same for the others games...
awiseman  +   1459d ago | Well said
ps3 fanboys trolling all over the place in this article
most of them thumbing down if someone says they like Kinect or if they plan to purchase. My advise id to not comment unless you wantr to become a one bubble person like me. I offer an early warning ;)
Pennywise  +   1459d ago
You are going to sign on all your other accounts and take bubbles because some people don't like what Kinect has to offer? Mature.
yippiechicken  +   1459d ago
Are you going to keep coming into Kinect articles with all your negativity even though you probably have no intention of purchasing one? Mature.

Pennywise  +   1459d ago
Oh, I'm sorry... did N4G get a new filter that I can stop the Kinect spam? Fact is, it is on the front page and I am still waiting to see what Kinect has to offer. UNIMPRESSED.

Hate me for it all you want... I will stop commenting on Kinect when the PS3 trolls stop first. Otherwise, piss off.
yippiechicken  +   1459d ago
It's actually pretty simple.
If you see a Kinect article, DON'T CLICK ON IT! You're complaining about Kinect articles spamming the site but you're commenting in every one of them. Aren't there ANY articles on this whole site that you would actually enjoy reading instead of complaining in every Kinect article?

"I will stop commenting on Kinect when the PS3 trolls stop first."
Again, mature. Maybe you could take the first step and encourage other people?

hennessey86  +   1459d ago
im getting kinect
and i couldnt give a flying fuck what anyone on this site says about it. all i know is im going to be having tons of fun playing something different while these lot will be on n4g complaining about kinects success and how its ruined gaming lol. I CANT WAIT

P.S and when ive worked up a sweat on kinect ill load gt5 up and enjoy that aswell
bananlol  +   1459d ago
How will kinect ruin gaming? Suppose a worst case scenario for me would be if it was really sucessful and people stopped buying real games so developers stopped making them. But i would still have my wii, pc, ds, psp and ps3 so how could kinect possible ruin gaming?
hennessey86  +   1459d ago
i wasnt saying that kinect will ruin gaming i was simply making a hypothetical situation for the trolls to argue about. i think kinects a great peace of kit
bustamove  +   1459d ago
People have a right to an opinion. You don't like it? THEN DON'T READ IT OR ANSWER.

There will be pros and cons regarding Kinect just as there's pros and cons for Move.

Get over it already.

Now watching this footage makes me somewhat more interested in Kinect but I'm still waiting to see if core games will be announced for it.
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rlm42  +   1459d ago
They're just bitching because they havn't got GT5 in their system yet.. Honestly it would be good if they get it soon so they can be elsewhere rather than constantly whining (about Kinect and 360).
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buffig  +   1459d ago
sorry to be so blunt, but this just looks like a complete ball ache.
Croash  +   1459d ago
At least it works!
But not as good as it should. There are still a few tweaks they must do to make Kinect really impressive.

Oh and someone should make a GIF of 32:34 -> 32:38 :D
Lou Ferrigno  +   1459d ago
wow,cant wait to not get this.
SolidSystem  +   1459d ago
better than last time
The speed seems to have increased, not longer trailing seconds behind what the user was doing (I only watched up to Richoche). I'm sure it will get faster. Kinect is 90% software, 10% hardware.

I hope they actually do something with Kinect that will get me onboard. I am really interested in the technology. but while it doesnt do anything for me game wise, I'll sit out like I do the handhelds waiting for them to get enough games to get me onboard (so probably wont happen)

Kinect has a uphill battle as far as core go. Core dont want it till it has stuff for them, developers dont want to put a core game on a platform no core gamers are at.

then of course I want a Kinect game to be enhanced in a way I could never get with my prefered PC platform or would prefer in a traditional manner.
alb1899  +   1459d ago
Dance central is really fun!
alb1899  +   1459d ago
kinect has the fun factor that was missing i mean in dance central part, witch i think was the best, i had an smile the entire video just watching i just can imagine me and my family or friends how good will it be.
Simco876  +   1459d ago
The machine looks alot better than previous videos.

It's still geared toward casuals, how can you play these games sitting down? Lazy gamers are going to hate Kinect lol
PtRoLLFacE  +   1459d ago
i got say ill give dance central a try, it looks fun as hell specially the free stile thing is awesome lol
BannedForNineYears  +   1459d ago
Sorry, my stomach couldn't handle 1 hour, let alone 2 minutes of Kinect footage.
I don't trust this footage anyway.
They could have easily dragged the video timeline backwards a tad in order to make it look like it has no delay. xD
#23 (Edited 1459d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
alb1899  +   1459d ago
Now i know why you have a bubble!lol
What a knowledge!!
#23.1 (Edited 1459d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MELMAN26  +   1459d ago
WOW...I cant believe you just said that!
edgeofblade  +   1459d ago
I love PS3 fanboys. Everything is a Microsoft conspiracy, from Halo's popularity to Kinect's secret 5 minute lag.
anaviel  +   1459d ago
Regardless of fan boy mortar fire (incoming!!!!) I will say that kinect looks very impressive. I was never under the illusion that it would work 100% all the time every time and anyone expecting and demanding that it should is a cave troll. No new or old tech works 100% due to environment, user error, hardware glitches etc. But to see Kinect performing like this in an hour video eases allot of speculation that it wasn't going to work as it should.

It does and I will pick this up as well along with a new slim model for the fam and friends. I'm sure there will be core games developed for Kinect and they will work just as well or better depending on how MS updates the software to work better with the motion detection.

If you prefer Move then I am happy for you...but some people don't and they will get this. No matter what kind of negative spin or comments you may post on this site or others no one is actually listening to you, especially when videos like this are released for all to see. So you are basically wasting precious bandwidth campaigning for Sony whom still hasn't put any of you on payroll yet. Happy gaming everyone!!
Rampaged Death  +   1459d ago
Dance Central seems like the only thing that's worth picking it up. That and the stupid amount of space you need means I will wait till it get's halved in price.
bananlol  +   1459d ago
Well, im surprised, it actually seems to work far better then the eyetoy. The advancement of technology i guess. Suppose that would be really fun if youre drunk and playing with friends:D Still far to expencive though.

Edit: the kinectimal voice frighten me:( Seriously what the fuck is that thing?
#26 (Edited 1459d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DuneBuggy  +   1459d ago
My daughter is going to love this.First time ive seen this much "in depth" footage for Kinect.
atlys  +   1459d ago
nerds dancing, priceless!
i was gonna get this anyway so that my wife and i could play games with our young son, but after seeing this video i'm even more hyped for it. after watching this, i have absolutely no doubts about whether my wife and son will enjoy this. can't wait till next week!
SkylineR  +   1459d ago
Looks fun
Despite all the fanboys here still spitting out their "it's not true 1:1 motion" bulls#$t, Kinect does look like fun. Games are very "wii audience" so they're best for parties and whatnot. People complaining there are no hardcore games for it should get over it. Kinect is being targeted at families and casual gamers - people that don't play Gears of War, Splinter Cell, Fable, etc. Not having hardcore games doesn't make Kinect shit. It's just not targeted at YOU, those of us on gaming websites.

Personally I think Kinect has Move beat in the technical side of things. Before you fanboys explode, what I'm meaning is how Kinect tracks your body for on-screen actions. It recognises depth, speed and obviously sound. While Move is good, I feel it's just an updated Wii idea, which it is really.

Move has the advantage of a broader type of games for it though, so both casual and core gamers can get something out of it.
jneul  +   1459d ago
dream on move is the real deal, kinect is nowhere near as good at true 1:1 never mind depth perception i guess you have not played on tumble or sports champions, not to mention augmented reality, object modelling and virtual reality, kinect also has much more lag than move, you can actually see the lag it's that bad!!
jneul  +   1459d ago
why are they not in a normal room not to mention we can't see kinect anywhere, i won't be surprised if ms is using smok and mirrors again
atlys  +   1459d ago
troll much?
if you paid attention you would know that they said that there is some sort of nda that prevents them from showing the actual device. kinda obvious considering this isn't really a review, but rather a play test. by the way, this is gamespot/uk doing this vid and not ms.
DiRtY  +   1459d ago
a new low. Even for you. You are trying too hard.
jneul  +   1458d ago
says the person who likes to make out move is not selling
http://gamrconnect.vgchartz... have a look at the posts dirtyp2002 is making on vgc, 1 picture of lots of starter kits proves nothing
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