Resolution: Front Mission Evolved review

Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: Taking the series in a bold new direction, Front Mission Evolved discards the turn based RPG strategy setup for a more action orientated third-person one. To its credit the result is a fairly solid mech action game with a dash of RPG elements to keep it familiar, but the narrative fails to keep you engaged and it’s unlikely to satisfy the series’ current fans.

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kasasensei2849d ago

Generic pathetic mecha shooter.... What have you done?.....

PS360fanboy2849d ago

Front Mission 3 was one of my favorite PS1 games. They've ruined the series...

dredgewalker2849d ago

Damn you Squeenix!! Why did you have to ruin one of my favorite mecha games! I actually know it would turn out bad since they announced it would be an action game but I can't help but express my disappointment with a lot of Square's games and decisions.