Fallout: New Vegas Cheat System Offers Protection in the Wasteland

Players of Fallout: New Vegas who venture back to the wastelands of crumbling buildings and stumble across dusty artefacts of a once civilised society will be treated to unlimited ammo, decent weapons and ample useful items to aid them.

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knifefight2854d ago

I always wear protection

in the wasteland.

visualb2854d ago

killz the fun for me. The whole fun of Fallout is the sense of weakness and inferiority and gaining power to over come that!

cheating just kills the purpose of Fallout to me. I love the feeling of finally finding a better gun or better armor! makes such a difference

N4GAddict2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Not much into using cheat devices

Bolts2854d ago

Who use cheating devices now a days really?

Simco8762854d ago

PC Gamers do! And why not use them if you already did everything in the game? Its called having fun!

niminator2854d ago

Anyway if I need help, I just load up the GECK and tinker a few weapons and armour and just plop them in the game world to pick up. Then just pop off a few heads with a very accurate sniper......KABOOM!!