GamerZines: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Multiplayer Preview

Hot Pursuit’s multiplayer options let cops and racers duke it out online, either with their friends or via a matchmaking system, across Hot Pursuit, Interceptor and Race game modes.

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MGRogue20172849d ago

The online multiplayer on this is going to be sweet!

xg-ei8ht2849d ago

Just tried the demo, nice.

Also if you get a player on friends list, it opens another track apaprently.

Si-Fly2849d ago

Unlocks a racer event, it's awesome! Can't stop trading fastest times with my mates, very addictive!!

EazyC2849d ago

Even as a huge fan of cars, this is more "me" than GT5. It looks pretty, but theres something about racing sims that makes me turn them off within an hour due to being so boring.

And then theres this..... Holy shizzle it's awesome!

earbus2849d ago

Lack of in car view is a deal breaker for me plays well though.