GameStop giving away Black Ops Jeep

US retailer GameStop are giving away a Call of Duty: Black Ops Jeep to one lucky Codblops pre-orderer.

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NoBUDI2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

You must be uber cool if you do not think that getting a free car, a jeep no less, for pre-ordering a game is cool

scar202523d ago

This is how activision suckers in people thinking they can win this so people go out and buy blk ops.Where's the winner from mw2 giveaway from last year?

SpitFireAce852523d ago

hey scar20 [email protected] activision lets talk about your collection of great avatar/profile pics lol...

2523d ago
mn212523d ago

Bobby won last year's prize.

Elwenil2523d ago

It's just bait for the suckers. I admit I fell for it last time with MW2, but after that mess and a few more recent problems with my local GameSlop, I won't be giving them or Kotick anymore of my cash. Vote with your wallet folks. Buying from places like GS is just like saying you approve of their business practices.

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ScubaSteve12523d ago

yet they need to pay taxes and the down payment for the car