Red Dead: Redemption - Undead Nightmare First 20 Minutes (HD 720p)

Ve3tro Media writes: "We've got the first 20 minutes from Rockstars new undead western zombie pack for Red Dead: Redemption - Undead Nightmare"

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nickjkl2852d ago

so is their going ot be a version with all dlc released later

Ve3tro2852d ago

A version has been released on Xbox Live which includes all DLC for 1600 MS Points, I think it's also been confirmed that a disc version is arriving with everything on it.

Red_Orange_Juice2852d ago

UN comes on disc with all the released dlc but without the original game.

Perjoss2851d ago

for some reason this is more expensive on PSN. £7.99 on the playstation vs 800 points (£6.80) on the 360.

xtib2852d ago

A disc version (with all the DLC released so far) will be out on november 26th I think..

TOO PAWNED2852d ago

this is stupid and ruins the end of my goty.
Anyways how big/long is this dlc?

xtib2852d ago

It seems it's a 10H long adventure + multiplayer.


ya, actually longer then most single player games that have been released so far, looking at you Vanquish, Force unleashed 2, enslaved and co !

2852d ago
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