Sony: "PlayStation Phone Is Fake"

NowGamer can confirm that the Engadet photos are fakes...


Sony has now 'clarified' its official line on the PlayStation Phone and told NowGamer: "We do not comment on rumour and speculation."

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skyward2672d ago

Looks too much like the PSPgo, don't think Sony would linger on that design when the iPhone is doing so well...

CrazyForGames2672d ago

pffft look at some of you it was only a while ago everyone was believing it and now that they said its fake everyone is all i knew it looked like crap anyways etc etc lol

RememberThe3572672d ago

You expect Sony to say, "Yeah that's the PSPhone we've been working on in secret. It's unannounced and we wont admit we're working one, but yeah that it."

And we all know that spokesmen are the most honest of the PR people.

Remember the leaked PS3 part that were supposedly fake or even the PSP Go before is was announced. Yeah, those were all fake too.

Hideo_Kojima2672d ago

I thought Engadget was legit because they've have exclusive shows with Playstation Move...

I didn't excpect them to make up some bullshots of a fake PSP just for some extra views when they even had people from Sony visit them and show them their previous new technology...


Red_Orange_Juice2672d ago

^^^ it's not fake!! what else can Sony say? it may be a prototype, early model, whatever, but it's everything but fake

HolyOrangeCows2672d ago


Screw the idea for a "PSPhone". Making it a phone will only confuse consumers on its focal point, and it would've contradicted their latest PSP commercials, too.

acky12672d ago

Second comment in this thread and you've already concluded that absolutely everyone thought it was real and have now flip-flopped into thinking its fake.


drewboy7042672d ago

They have a new article saying its real

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EYEamNUMBER12672d ago

well if the images were LEAKED would they really come out and say yes its real and yes were working on it?

isn't it normal to deny that an unfinished unannounced product is in production?

jimmins2672d ago

They would say 'no comment'. They would only say it's fake if it is actually fake, otherwise they look like tards down the line.

RememberThe3572672d ago

"They would say 'no comment'. "

From the article:
"NowGamer also contacted Sony Ericsson for a comment. A spokesperson responded, 'Sony Ericsson does not comment on rumour or speculation'."

Hideo_Kojima2672d ago

If Sony always said 'no comment' when a rumor is real and said it is fake only when it was really fake we would always know where a rumor is real or fake.


pedrami912672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Saying "no comment" doesnt make it real either.

There's been tons of rumors from Sony before, all which gotten the same "no comment" treatment, do you seiously believe all of the rumors are real ? It's their policy, no matter how fake or real it would seem.

Cloudberry2672d ago

That's why I always choose "Hard to tell".

The safest choice, lol.

mordakai82672d ago

"We do not comment on rumour and speculation."

means they will not say either way. If it's real, then they will say "We do not comment on rumour and speculation." and then wen it releases they will say they didn't want to oust it before release, and if fake they will be like "We do not comment on rumour and speculation."

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TheLastGuardian2672d ago

I was wondering why there was dirt around the screen. Damn and I was going to buy one too.

Parapraxis2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Sony: "PlayStation Phone Is Fake"
- Sony DID NOT say that.
"We do not comment on rumours and speculations" Same old line they used for every other leak.

- NowGamer's evidence as to why it is fake is basically non-existent.
(a bit of dust???? is dust a rare thing now???)

- Endgadget has been known to get a hold of tech early.
iPhone 4???

- This article is a RUMOUR.

MEsoJD2672d ago

This isn't from a no name site, its engadget. They showed leaks of the ps3 slim long ago and sony deneid it. I think in regards of this phone, they're pulling off a Gizmodo(refer to iphone 4 leak). No company likes to commment on this kind of stuff.

soccerstar2672d ago

Oh my god a company denying leaks, thats unheard of

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Feckles2672d ago

Seriously, this thing looks cheap, way too cheap to be a Sony product.

jimmins2672d ago

I mean, what would be next? A PSP anus?

Hideo_Kojima2672d ago

They did say this was a prototype and it didn't contain the real skin...
its annoying how so many people are jumping out now to say its fake when a few hours ago almost no one had a doubt.

toaster2672d ago

SONY products tend to look "cheap" in general.. their laptop lines are atrocious.

toaster2672d ago

Oh please.. those look like shit. Try something with a little more finesse, you're also paying for crappy hardware.

Thinkpads are notorious for having the best keyboards of any laptop. I have a T61.

militant072672d ago

I using sony laptop 16.4" screen.
it look very nice and worth it expensive price aside the it get dirty easily need to clean every while.

dkgshiz2672d ago

Ive had two HPs and three Dell computers over my life time. All of them were garbage. I have one Sony Vaio and its much better then anything I previously had.

DXM12672d ago

I have never owned any sony laptops, because they are usually out of my price range. Having said that, those laptops that TroyAndABed linked are gorgeous.

You look stupid when you say they look like shit - losing credibility and bubbles in the process.

my .02

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kharma452672d ago

Too cheap to be a pure Sony product but not a Sony Ericsson one, the build quality on their phones of late has be very poor.

mordakai82672d ago

It can look like whatever they want until the final design is made...

P.R.O.T.O.T.Y.P.E.S look shity... they always do.

corneliuscrust2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

how about this Sony product?

or its predecessor?

Sony makes budget products just like everyone else.

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gamerzBEreal172672d ago

i knew it nothing looked playstation about it besides the buttons

TimmyShire2672d ago

I'd be excited for a PS Phone, but this thing is ugly. There's no way it would be produced by Sony.

ianos2672d ago

It looked way too rubbish to be real anyway.