NFS Community Manager Explains why there is no PC Demo for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Today, Need for Speed Community Manager, NFSDrew, released a statement regarding the no demo for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit..

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Pandemic2854d ago

What a silly excuse....

ct032852d ago

"PC demos require comparatively more resources in order to ensure that they run smoothly across a wide variety of systems."

If the final game runs on a wide variety of systems then so does the demo. A silly excuse indeed.

DeadlyFire2852d ago

Unless. The PC game isn't built to run smoothly on a wide variety of systems.

steve30x2854d ago

Ive played the demo and though its fun driving cop mode (I have no PSN friends so I cant play the other mode) Being locked out of the other game mode because I have no PSN friends blows. Also the cars handle like 53 seater busses even though the cars are faster than they are in real life. A Nissan 370Z does not reach 184MPH.

It would be nice to have gotten a PC demo all the same and maybe some modder tweak the handling to something more realistic.

Si-Fly2852d ago

If you had any real interest in this game you'd have read that the cop cars are tuned so they are faster than the real life cars. Plus if you fitted a nitrous kit to a 370z it'd be faster anyway!
I have a boxster spyder irl and whilst you couldn't argue that the game is a sim the handling has a certain weight to it that is realistic.

Sarcasm2852d ago

"Plus if you fitted a nitrous kit to a 370z it'd be faster anyway! "

Ughhh why waste money on a nitrous kit when a Twin Turbo is the way to go.

dirthurts2852d ago

Top speed is all about aerodynamics and gearing.

stevenhiggster2852d ago

Why have such a silly conversation, its a video game! And not one that has ever been touted for its realism!

dirthurts2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

It's a discussion. I was under the impression that was the whole concept of a comment system. To discuss things.
I was looking to add some useful information.
What did you add?...
Oh yeah...

killzowner2852d ago

Why are you complaining about an arcade games' physics??

Si-Fly2852d ago

You're incorrect anyway, nitrous does boost top speed ... perhaps you should read up on subject before posting next time.

stevenhiggster2852d ago

I was kinda joking, but up yours anyway, just for taking yourself too seriously :-)

dirthurts2851d ago

Nitrous could boost top speed, but only in a situation where the engine can't reach it's top rpm at stock.
But since it's Need for Speed I'm going on the assumption that these are performance vehicles, and these cars are built to hit their top rps. Not Civics.
If you want to hit top speeds past your redline you could use nitrous for that too, but that's not very clever.

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ambientFLIER2852d ago

The 370Z is limited to 160mph in 5th gear. Even though 6th is a double overdrive, if the car was unrestricted, it might actually top out that high or close to it. An 350Z with the speed limiter removed went 170+.

DeadlyFire2852d ago

Want some PSN friends just goto I am sure someone will be PSN friend there. I would be your friend, but I have no PS3 yet.

GamerSciz2853d ago

Seems like they aren't getting good feedback from their "excuse".

Nihilism2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I'm sure the game will be good, the devs supposedly have a good track record on PC. But I want to know more about the auto-info-upload type deal...I have to wonder whether it means DRM, or some useless stat tracking that console kids seem to care so much about.

I just want to know if I can play more than just the campaign offline...god damn EA forums are desolate so no point in asking there :S

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