All Time Top 10 Playstation 2 Games

The Sony Playstation 2 is held dear in the hearts of many, with one of the most expansive and high-quality libraries in the history of the medium. As the market leader of its generation, it holds many of what some call the greatest games ever made. No ten-game list could hope to take note of every exemplary title in this system’s library, but our staff has put their heads together to try to pick ten games that stand above the rest.

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Lovable2821d ago

WOW!!!Holy shit!!! What a great list. I'm impressed

knifefight2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

List makes sense to me. I anxiously await posts of "Can't believe they left out ____"

Quagmire2821d ago

Can't believe they left out Shadow the Hedgehog!

ironfist922821d ago

Can't believe they left out Catwoman!

Galaxia2821d ago

I couldn't agree more with this list. It's very well written too. His review of Final Fantasy X is dead on. Good Job.