Resident Evil - Revelations Gameplay Video

Rely on Horror: New video on Resident Evil - Revelations gameplay video + brief analysis.

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EYEamNUMBER12731d ago

same video seen this allot already thought i was gonna see a new one

N4GAddict2730d ago

Still looks awesome though

N4GAddict2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

The 3DS is shaping up to be an awesome system

Michael-Jackson2730d ago

for the first year or 2 because if piracy hits early third party will drop support for quality titles and just release low budget games.

At the moment it's looking good.

phantomexe2730d ago

sure because that happen with the DS....O wait no it didn't. 3DS is looking nice.

Greek God2730d ago

good grafics but i wont buy a 3ds just because of 1 game show some Megaman castlevania love

browngamer42730d ago

Looks like the 3ds is hanging with the big boys!! What's up with them ruining that beautiful 3d screen with that horrible fingerprint!!lol

AWBrawler2730d ago

There will be fake Nintendo fans/Graphic Whores a plenty....

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