AMD vs. NVIDIA - who really won in HD 6850 and GTX 460 battle

The dust is beginning to settle a weekend on from the launch of AMD's Radeon HD 6850 and HD 6870 graphics cards. Having now sifted through the hyperbole and bombast from NVIDIA and AMD over the past week, with both companies eager to promote the virtues of their graphics cards and supporting ecosystems, it's time to take stock and dole out a little advice, I think.

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CombineElite2735d ago

Single card solution I say they are a tie as benchmarks are about even.

The GTX460 runs cooler but the HD 6850 gets better performance gain from overclocking than the GTX 460 even though the GTX 460 overclocks well.

As a two card solution the HD 6850 wins as it's performance blows the GTX 460 sli away.

Benchmarks to back that statement up

tacosRcool2734d ago

Well I have to agree with you. I'm gonna get one of these babies soon!

hoops2733d ago

The one thing i am amazed at is the performance they have achieved with this refresh on the same die size and the fact that its so much more efficient.
With the added features such as HDMI 1.4a and support for 3D, AMD has done an amazing job with this refresh.
I can only imagine what they will do with the 6900 series.

joydestroy2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

i agree as well but then you're missing things in the ATI solution that come in nVidia cards (ie Physx). also, some games cater to nVidia cards (ie Just Cause 2).

so while you might get a little better performance with it in crossfire, you're missing stuff. also, nVidia cards are typically better supported.

edit: and next year when new nVidia cards start dropping, i'm getting rid of one of my 460's for a more powerful card. should make for another good SLI setup

edit2: and from looking at those benchmarks, i wouldn't say it's blowing away the 460's in SLI vs crossfire. i think with a driver update, the performance for the 460's in SLI will match single card benchmarks regarding 6850 vs 460. so yah, pretty much a tie

edit3: yeah look at Mafia II SLI vs Crossfire. and i'm not sure how they're getting such high FPS @ 1680x1050 because that is certainly not what i get. i get closer to 65FPS. maybe my SLI isn't configured correctly hmmm

Shackdaddy8362733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Actually games are about 50/50 when catering toward graphics cards. I think EA caters more towards amd cards(BC2, MoH, etc) now.

Its very close. I personally look to amd for my gpu needs though. They seem to be doing better than nvidia currently. I can also see them getting better since the AMD company is bigger than nVidias since they do more than just gpu's.

joydestroy2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

artifacting pretty much scared me away from AMD cards.

and how exactly would a game cater to an AMD card besides running slightly better? what i mean by cater is have features/settings in the game that you can turn on with one card but not the other. as far as i know, AMD doesn't have any features that are missing from nVidia cards.
maybe i should've worded it like that in my first reply.

an example of a feature would be Physx, which is missing from AMD solutions.

Sarcasm2733d ago

Honestly when choosing a graphics card, keeping in mind the resolution you play at is more important than what's "more powerful"

Most people at 1680x1050 will be fine with a GTX460 or 6850.

Anything above that though, a GTX 480 and above is nice

joydestroy2733d ago

completely disagree with that. 480 takes a lot of power, emits more noise and heat.

2 460's in SLI blows it away. period. better performance, cheaper (at least it was), less heat, less noise (yep even outta two of 'em), less power consumption. i did a LOT of research when the new fermi cards started coming out. esp since this was my first rig.

hoops2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

One feature i like that AMD cards have over Nvidia's current setup is multi monitor support.
With the 5xxx series and 6xxx series you can buy just one GPU and hook up three monitors. With Nvidia's solution you need to run SLI.
As for Physics.
It's going to get interesting.
Read this article.

AMD has their solution (Bullet) also and its open source and free.
It's gaining traction from many game developers. It was actually used in GTA4 and is used for some Sony movies.

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Letros2733d ago

GPU's are scaling amazingly on both sides...

FantasyStar2733d ago

That's a nice gain...I got a GTX 460 768 right now...I think it might be worth it to get a 6870. Physx is a huge drain on resources so I always have it turned off: not a huge loss to me. But the real factor is "which one folds better?"

joydestroy2733d ago

should've gotten the 1GB and two of 'em if you were looking for Physx to be turned on. most games will crash and burn with a 768mb card and Physx on lol

ct032733d ago

What are you folks talking about? Taking two prime examples, Batman and Mafia 2, both these games run fine on a single 460 with PhysX turned on.

ct032732d ago

Metro's performance has little to do with the PhysX. The AA and advanced DOF in this game simply kill today's graphics cards.

FantasyStar2732d ago

Yeah, Advanced DOF really kills the performance. I don't really see the IQ benefits of DOF as it looks more artificial than realistic.

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