Schick® and Sony Teaming Up to Promote Gran Turismo® 5

Get Exclusive Gran Turismo® Downloads and Free Movies from Schick®

Race to a participating retailer and pick-up your limited edition Schick® razor packs featuring Gran Turismo® 5 and you'll receive a code that unlocks exclusive content for your PS3™ and PSP®systems including:

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LordMarius2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Gillete > Schick

but I do want that theme

UnSelf2679d ago

is Schick good for ur balls?

Redrum0592679d ago

Lol kinect advertised with Justin bebier, GT5 advertised with schick...
So GT5 advertised to grown men with real men facial hair.
It's confirmed, gt5 isn't for kids :)

Fan Tastic2679d ago

So that is why Polyphone delayed this game. Shaving simulation physics for the drivers and pit crew.

edit: below, yes maybe they've followed God of War III's lead and have ball shaving as well in a QTE fashion, don't slip or you'll bleed.

toaster2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

@ Redrum

Does that mean that 95% of PS3 owners shouldn't buy GT5 then?

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Rumor2679d ago

dont shave,but i this is good marketing.

still have not seen the ps move coke adverts... :/

GrandTheftZamboni2679d ago

I can go an extra day after shaving with Schick compared to Gillette. And never had problems shaving right under the nose.

Bathyj2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

They all suck.

Get a Fromm.

Trust me boys, a good razor can be handed down to your grandson. Disposables give you rash, gunk up, need constant rinsing and cost more in the long run. Plus with one of these you will take pride in your shave, not treat it like another chore to be rushed through.

Screw CM Punk. I have my own Straight Edged Society.

Natural selection.

BeOneWithTheGun2679d ago

You do realize half of N4G would kill themselves trying to use that thing, yes? Or is that part of your diabolical plan muwahahahaha?

RedDragan2678d ago

No razor can be passed on to anyone! You would not believe just how unhygenic that is!!!

Oner2678d ago

Sorry RedDragan but you are incorrect in this case. I use a straight razer as well and it can be passed down as long as it is properly hygienically cleaned. A standard disposable would be unhygienic (if that is what you meant) but a good old fashioned straight razer is different in all regards.

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Kon_Artist 2679d ago

the new glide. the glide is pretty good but schick's lubricant on top of the blade is good 2

Coogi2679d ago


Kinect wasn't ONLY advertised on that it has been advertised for MANY different things...Bias much?

Redrum0592679d ago

Put down your defences, and why couldn't u reply directly under my comment???

dredgewalker2678d ago

Still use a Gillete Mach 3, never looked back.

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SoapShoes2679d ago

Great marketing, imo. The majority of car enthusiasts are adult males, they will be the biggest target. Perhaps even getting Sony some market that were never into games.

IMChampion2679d ago

Thats right, Sony showing em this is a man's game and not whiny prepubescent 13 year olds' game (no offense to those)

IrishYamato2679d ago

Now i can drive and shave at the same time.

despair2679d ago

yea nothing can go wrong there :)

Nihilism2679d ago

Console gamers can't grow beards, why bother?

KingKiff2679d ago

your all a bunch of kids...

Throw out a carrot and watch the donkeys get up on the back legs trying to reach it.

hook, line and sinker... lol

Monolith2679d ago

Only a child would say that lol

Rumor2679d ago

i have a tier 1 lol jk

Genecalypse2679d ago

Gee golly thats sure a mature thing to say

Fishy Fingers2679d ago

Come on now, if I were a console gamer I'd counter with..

No we dont shave, because we actually have games to fill our time..

Or something along those lines. I'm a PC fan, but sick of the fanboy BS either way.

Bathyj2679d ago

Someones proud he got his big boy hair.

Nihilism2679d ago

It was 100% a joke. A better comeback to me would have been to say "at least console gamers aren't neckbeards" I can give and take, and like I said, it was a joke.

Dirk Benedict2679d ago

people refrain from joking on this site. i don't care. i await flop. make of that what you will.

Tachyon_Nova2678d ago

They still shave their pussies though...

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earbus2679d ago

Help me shave some seconds of lap times.

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