A suprising new Tekken 6 character, very suprising

Hit the jump to see an image of the new charater.

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kingofps34127d ago

He is gonna be a nice combo executing body bag. I hope if you punch him in the stomach with like Paul's power attack, this guy will actually throw up pizza attacks.

xhi44127d ago

when you punch his stomach, his belly fat jiggles. haha thatd be hectic

Tsalagi4127d ago

Give him gray hair and he would look just like Don Vito.

HeartlesskizZ4127d ago

Why would they put a fat version of mario in tekken? wierd!
lets hope he can perfomr great combos

akaFullMetal4127d ago

that is going to be so funny to watch this guy fight, hahah

Skerj4127d ago

Is this freakin april fools?

GnaM4127d ago

Really, it's like April Fools 9 months early. What the hell are they thinking? And I thought Ganryu was a joke character no one wanted to use...

kendownunder4127d ago

They continue to represent such a diverse array of characters and fighting styles. This guy could have some potential to dole out some seriously demeaning ass whoopings.