Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3) Review |

Castlevania takes its first step into the HD-generation with "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow". Is this game a winner or just waiting to be staked? Check out this review from the Newark PlayStation Examiner at for the answer.

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Ahasverus2820d ago

Best rated hardcore game of October, beated the crap out of Fallout, Vanquish, Medal of Honor and Enslaved. Meta 85 baby! :D

clank5432820d ago

And it deserves it. Its right behind RDR for the game of the year for me personally. I'm really excited for the DLC that'll be coming out in the next few months.

Zezo2820d ago

yeah, the game sure was great but this is way too much exaggeration and sensationalism.. better than Fallout and Vanquish? ...Really?

clank5432819d ago

well, for me, easily. Vanquish is worth a rental, but not a buy. Fallout just isn't up there for me because I don't like those kinds of games as much.

Ahasverus2819d ago

INdeed castlevania is the best rated of ALL those games, you mad? :P

TheMutator2820d ago

Is not Castlevania , but is a great game with a great potential , just fix the damn camera please