Optoma brings affordable 3D solution to the mass: World's first 3D projector adapter

What everyone with a theater room and a games console has been waiting for. "3D-XL simply connects between a 3D source and a 3D Capable DLP projector making 3D projection possible with 3D broadcast signals; 3D Blu-ray players and 3D games from the Sony® PS3."

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Ilikegames762824d ago

I was wondering with all the 3D compatible projector, but so far haven't been shown anything with regards to 3D. I wonder how much the projector together with this adapter will cost.

inveni02824d ago

If the projector already does 3D, then why would you need an adapter? I'm confused...

Nicaragua2824d ago

to synchronise to the glasses and to feed the projector the alternating images.

karl2824d ago

i think that this is in case u already have a projector but not a 3D one...

so u can have 3d images with a normal projector...

Hideo_Kojima2824d ago

It would still have to be 120hz though.

inveni02823d ago

That still doesn't make sense. If it's 3D capable, it should already have the necessary outputs to the transmitter for the glasses.

archemides5182823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

the projector's aren't called 3D "capable", they are "3D-ready". for full "capability" as you are using it, tvs and such are usually labelled as "3D enabled". all 3D-ready really means is that it can handle a 120hz input. if that's confusing you should look up all the history on the different 3D formats, there's a ton. hdmi 1.4 tried to standardize it and for the most part it has (except for the way glasses are synced). the projectors out now are all "old" technology so they are not as plug-and-play as the mainstream audience would expect, but i think everything releasing from now on will at least come close to that. the 3d-xl box pretty much bridges the gap between the old stuff and the new standard, and for comparatively pretty cheaply as well

inveni02823d ago

Direct quote:

"...3D-XL simply connects between a 3D source and a 3D Capable DLP projector..."

If that said "3D Ready" or "3D Compatible" instead, I wouldn't be confused.

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archemides5182824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

this only works with 120 hz 720p or less dlp projectors, and perhaps only the optoma ones (i'm not sure if there are other 120 hz ones). these projectors are already "3D-ready" and work with computers with 120hz graphics cards and are mostly compatible with nvidia 3d-vision, but NOT the hdmi 1.4 standard. it will NOT work with 1080p dlp projectors that are out now either, but perhaps with models in the future, but still only displaying in 720p in 3D. however, if you want to setup 2 1080p projectors with polarizing filters with 2 of these adapters and a silver screen, then u can get true 1080p 3D projection.

people with ANY other projector, it's not going to work, but you can pick up an optoma hd66 and this adapter when it comes out for around 1000-1200, for true 720p 3D...which BTW is wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than any 3dtv (other than the samsung 720p), and u can get a enormous screen size, my friend has 150" at his house, i have 135"

SolidSystem2824d ago

i'm confused... you need both a 3d projector and this adaptor? sounds like a pain.

Nicaragua2824d ago

No, if you already have a projector then you just add this box inbetween your ps3 and the projector and you get 3d images by wearing glasses just like a 3D TV.

Sure if you dont already have a projector then its a bit of a ballache but this is aimed at people who already have a projector setup.

archemides5182824d ago

it only works with a very few 120hz dlp projectors, 99% others will not work. if your projector wasn't listed as a 3D ready one when you bought it, then it will 100% not work

cheetorb2824d ago

So then we may see something (later down the line) that is compatible with "3-D ready" DLP TVs like my Samsung?

Ace_Pheonix2824d ago

This news certainly confirms that it's possible. If a company will make one, they'd definitely make a good profit. All the big guys however are happy not making an adapter and forcing everyone to buy new new TVs instead of making our new ones work.

Ace_Pheonix2824d ago

I've been researching projectors and 3D for a while now looking for one that will suit me when I start my theater room. All the projectors that state they do 3D only do 3D through NVIDIA cards on PCs using a process that does each eye separately instead of both at the same time. So right now, you can't buy a projector that will display your PS3 in 3D. None of them are coming out with HDMI 1.4 (which is currently required) and I'm sure when they do, they'll be pricey. I've been waiting for this news for a long time now. This adapter will take any Optoma 120 HZ HD projector and make it compatible with the PS3s 3D. Aside from high end TVs, this is the only way.

archemides5182824d ago

it is the only way and the cheapest way, in fact i bought my optoma solely AFTER they announced this

mac_sparrow2824d ago

Here's hoping my projector makes it onto the list.

mac_sparrow2823d ago

Haha a disagree to my hopes...

Looks like the Mac_Sparrow has a fan.


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