Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens o Truth writes ""What side are you on? " Today, Need or Speed Hot Pursuit Demo hit Xbox live Marketplace and PlayStation Network. The original Need for Speed redefined racing by allowing players to select from a slew of the worlds most exotic cars to reek havoc on busy streets without getting caught by the police. EA brings the franchise back to its root, but this time you can either play as the racer or the police. Note, the demo only allowed you to play as the police. So come join us as we give pursuit to see which version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is shaping up to be the real deal."

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MariaHelFutura2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Nevermind. Enjoy.

HolyOrangeCows2585d ago


The 360 version is too dark, masking details on the car.
Plus the Ps3 version has better reflections on the windshield.

MaxXAttaxX2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Yeah, the last two screens show more detail on the PS3 version. 360 is darker.
You can see the car and lights better on PS3.

ABizzel12585d ago

Some screens the 360 look slightly better (first couple), some screens the PS3 look slightly better (last couple).

Overall it's a tie give or take.

ExplosionSauce2585d ago

Criterion does good work :)

rlm422585d ago

360 is the winner.. The PS3 is only brighter because it can't handle dark textures and shadows as well as the 360.. Look at the road and car on the PS3 screens it's blurry and has much less detail.. Also look at the reflections on the cars and textures look much better on the 360 screens..

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firelogic2585d ago

Which means it's going to look nearly identical on both platforms with an ever so slight edge on the PS3, just like Burnout Paradise.

Pandemic2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

The Playstation 3 looks clearer/brighter, which in my opinion is better.

Iceballs2585d ago

PS3 looks slightly better but both look really close.

morkendo232585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

downloaded the demo

IT WAS OK IN FIRST 5 MIN. after that it became boring only becuz u only can use cop cars crown victoria, g720z and one track. my time 2:11 sec. think i beat that race 8 time. ...oh almost forgot

the steering is shitty as hell.. what the hell was criterion thinking far as turning??.. A.I. cars turn normally and your sliding to home base before u can turn a simple corner DAMN!!! if i had to score this game i would give it a E for craptastic.

SixZeroFour2585d ago

i just finished playing it right now, and after a couple of restarts, i finally got a 1:26

The Creep2584d ago

ground textures are by farr superior on 360.


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ShinMaster2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

They're very close. Technically equal. But I think PS3 version has a slight advantage on the lighting.
Details are more visible on PS3, while the 360 is too dark.

Just look at the last 2 pics.

ShinMaster2585d ago

It's easy to click disagree. But look at the facts and accept them! lol


RudeSole Devil2586d ago

Your right they both look close but the more I look at the images the more the PS3 looks better.

Soul Train2586d ago

The headlights look a little better on the 360

Pandemic2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

They look exactly the same.

Sarcasm2585d ago

I know, what the heck is he saying. They look identical.

Iceballs2586d ago

I see slightly better reflections on the PS3 version. Look at the bumper. Still very close port here by criterion games!

niceguywii602586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Other than the sharper 360 picture and slightly better contrast they look the same. You can really see it in the 4th box down showing the texture difference(car and ground) and the contrast in the 3rd where the jet black part of the car looks black in one pic and grey in the other..

ECM0NEY2586d ago

The 360 has a deeper black for sure but the PS3 has less jaggies in those picks. Im very surprised by this, usually the 360 has better AA. I might have to pick this up on PS3 instead. Jaggies really kill the immersion for me in games.

gigaware2585d ago

Funny some of the pics showing the 360 version has wosrse jaggies and others the PS3 version has more or as much. To me the biggist issue would be how blurry I thought the 360 demo was, there is no way I could play the PS3 version looking at these pics showing the PS3 version being even more blurry. Goes back to Forza 3

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