Neocrisis: Walmart's Black Friday Deals

Neocrisis: We compare the so called "Black Friday Deals" with the current prices of games on the Walmart website. By comparing both prices, we have concluded that there are only 2 good deals.


list of "deals" was taken from has proven to be a reliable source

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Valay2699d ago

For one reason or another, I never seem to take advantage of these deals...

jazzking20012699d ago

well i got my 32 Vizio TV during last yrs black friday

plb2699d ago

Yeah, I got an LG LCD last year for $200 cheaper at best buy. Not sure what I would want this year apart from some games maybe.

Active Reload2699d ago

Valay, you're in luck because there isn't any deals on that list, lol. Its pathetic and can probably be a good measure of what this economy is like at the moment.

Holeran2699d ago

Who would want to take advantage of those "deals". I find it hard to believe this is their special pricing.

PSPDude792699d ago

It's not. It's from Walmart's 2010 ToyLand Catalog. The Black Friday Ad will not be out until atleast Sunday, November 21. Here's the full ToyLand Ad.

OhMyGandhi2699d ago

toy story 3....for only 50 bucks!

wait, when I think of black friday, I think half off.
not, 10 bucks.

honestly though, these aren't deals.
kinda funny.

frostypants2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Wow. What a crappy Black Friday for Wal-Mart. Those aren't good deals at all. Amazon has better deals than that on random days throughout the year.

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noxeven2699d ago

Eh the retail price kinect is 149.99... im surprised walmart is charging more for it idk if thats right but whatever

TroyAndAbed2699d ago

That's Kinect plus a game...besides the game that's already in it.

TroyAndAbed2699d ago

Wow. That's just wrong...and I work there.

KillerPwned2699d ago

So where are the deals? I looked at the list did not see anything good at all.

joydestroy2699d ago

places like bestbuy and target usually have the better black friday deals. and of course amazon. they had amazing video game black friday deals. like the PS3 one where you got it and 2 newer titles at the time for free.

KillerPwned2699d ago

Hell yeah man i love those places for all my gaming shopping goodness. Walmart is a place i usually go to get people stuff that does not involve electronics.

tatsukishi2699d ago

This has to be fake. I wouldn't take any information on that list seriously.

jazzking20012699d ago

list of "deals" was taken from has proven to be a reliable source

Simon_Brezhnev2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

im with tatsukishi it has 2 be fake for now, some of the games are almost the same exact price

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The story is too old to be commented.