Sony Confrims: Playstation phone coming to town by Christmas

...But Sony's not sure exactly which Christmas. Sony Ericsson's, Peter Ahnegard, shares his company's thoughts about a possible Playstation branded phone.

Details are vague, but Sony Ericsson wants to introduce a Playstation branded phone eventually in the same way it has introduced Bravia, Walkman, and Cybershot phones.

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TheExodus4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Doesn't bode well for the PlayStation phone that I didn't even know Bravia, Walkman, and Cybershot branded phones even existed.

Sony might want to consider refocusing the PlayStation brand on gaming before we end up with a PlayStation breakfast cereal.

WilliamRLBaker4128d ago

agreed, going up againest the Ipone? lol they will get destroyed.

RyuCloudStrife4128d ago

you never know I'm sure alot of people may get it and it may cost less and I guess will also play videgames

sumfood4u4128d ago

just like SONY'S free online gimmick lol!

kcdude4128d ago

Just curious, if the PSP were to get cellular capabilities, could frequent gaming with the Playstation Portable increase the risk of cancer?

Maddens Raiders4128d ago

but surely not as much as your blu-tooth headset resting in your ear or holding your small cancer causing device (phone)up to the side of your head does right now.

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