IGN: 7 Things You Should Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops

IGN: "The legendary franchise is back for its most gritty and intense entry to date. Join as we explore everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops."

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Static-X2738d ago

It's going to be hellava lot more fun to play than MW2

MariaHelFutura2738d ago

Is there some brainwashing going down here? Why are people so confident this is gonna end up a better expierence than MW2?

Digitaldude2738d ago

We need to know only 1 thing, IGN are COD fanboys.

Omega Archetype2738d ago

I wonder that too. Granted, I love MW2 so I'm sure that Black Ops will be at least just as good, which is fine with me. However, I am happy by a couple of decisions that Treyarch has made (Commando gone, Extreme Conditioning is back, no quickscoping etc.)

Can't wait for it. Luckily I've got Fallout: New Vegas and Valkyria Chronicles to keep me occupied until November 9th!

ReservoirDog3162738d ago

Because it looks quite solid. And I really hated mw2. But absolutely loved CoD4. One of the best games this gen.

Either way, if black ops ends up sucking, I'm done* with CoD.

r1sh122738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Um any of the call of duty games are better than MW2.
UMP45 most powerful gun in the game, Machine pistols have the same damage as the assault rifles. eg raffica and m16.
Unlimited noob tubes, danger close.
MW2 is sooo noob friendly.
Shotguns as secondary, I mean theres a pretty long list, which treyarch have looked at and tried to stop in their game.

goflyakite2738d ago

wtf that video sucked.

One of the points was that you could stand, crouch or go prone.

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Nihilism2738d ago

*It is published by activision
*It uses the same engine they have been using for like 6 years
*it STILL has no offline bot matches
*there is still no recoil
*campers gonna camp

You're right, I'll skip it.

DaBadGuy2738d ago


But for the Guitar Hero of shooters i hear pre-orders are impressive.

I don't get how they can't work in some damn recoil.
Tryarch goes to Bobby Kotick: "Mr Kotick, your holiness, I wish to request an extra month of dev time to add recoil to Black Ops. It will make the experience more fulfilled and enjoyable."

Kotick laughs in his face as flames shoot out of his back like a Cyndaquil and he scares off the Treyarch representitive when he starts masturbating and whipping his stomach with a riding crop.

Sorry Nihil.

Same old Kotick.

Same old game.

Pandamobile2738d ago

I think they actually added an offline bot mode.

Nihilism2738d ago

Nope, they added what they are calling * this is funny * "online single player", no F-ing joke, they clarified what they meant, you have to log online to play it, and it is VS bots...but it is online only, how retarded is that?

I re-read the press release and it didn't actually mention anything about offline, then I found out from some peeps that it does require online.

I almost got tricked into buying it based on a misleading press statement :(

Pandamobile2738d ago

Well, you can always play TF2 offline with bots ;)

KingKiff2738d ago

I heard some rumblings of bots being added.

r1sh122738d ago

There is recoil.

solar2738d ago

no, there isnt. especially on consoles.

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scar202738d ago

Heres something you should know about black ops.

solar2738d ago

lol, console game is noob.

2738d ago
despair2738d ago

Every site now is doing this "top *insert number here* things" or "*insert number here* things you should know about *insert game name here*.

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