GameSpot: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

It's a sad fact that among the constant flood of games based on popular anime series, many succeed at delivering lots of characters, music, and other content that appeal to devoted fans, but can't manage to support all these goodies with a compelling gameplay experience. It's refreshing, then, that the Ultimate Ninja Storm series continues to deliver moments that capture the bristling energy and excitement of Naruto. Unfortunately, these terrific bits are separated by a great deal of dull filler, but the intensity Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 delivers at its best makes enduring these tedious stretches worth it in the end.

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AntoineDodson2825d ago

Really wtf? This game owns and I'm not even a Naruto fan. In fact I never saw an episode and only play UNS1 and now UNS2. In my book this game is easily a 9, I just dont hope this review and the IGN one will scare people away from buying. It's an awesome game!

ExplosionSauce2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I agree. Although I have seen the show and read the books so I have a better perception of the story. Even though this game was mainly aimed at fans you can still follow on the story if you've played the first game.

I don't understand what he means by "a great deal of dull filler" and "a whole lot of boring traveling".
Was he not aware that the side missions are mainly optional and the game does a good job at keeping the story a lot more focused than the first game.

rockleex2824d ago

And hide your husband!

From Gamespot's UNS2 review.

SaiyanFury2824d ago

"A great deal of filler"

Means that there's storytelling involved. A lot of "writers" these days are so hung up on action-based games that any interruption of gameplay to tell you WHY the current stuff is going on, they complain about "too much filler". Personally, I feel the game, like the original N:UNS, is like a hybrid RPG/fighting game. The combat is wonderfully fluid, the voice acting (Japanese) is great, the control is great, and the storytelling is awesome. To be honest I've been kind of disenfranchised with gaming this generation, and this was the first new game I've picked up in months. I'm loving every minute of it. It's not perfect, but I'd rate it at *least* 8/10. :)

Chuk52825d ago

IGN gave it an 8. That's a great score.

Redempteur2825d ago

i'm laughing ...

DO i see confusing story if you don't know the source matérial in all those DBZ reviews ?

because that's the same problem.
YET in UNS2 this is like something some reviewers can't overcome or something

RedDead2825d ago

AFter playing it through fully i've decided overall that I don't like it. When someone uses a replication to get out of taijutsu they can easily use a jutsu or ultimate jutsu on you, the battle system is broken and it's a shame, the only thing that needs to be done to fix it is for your chakra to recharge way slower. I'm constantly finding taijutsu completely useless, and Taijutsu was the main way of fighting in the manga up until the last 30 chapters or so. Until SAsuke pulled out SPoiler take away m's msmumsmamnmom

Also explosion sauce, the side missions or doll hunting is a requirement to get Sauke and Bee through the story mode, however wait till you finish the game until you start collecting them, there actually quite fun and you can buy Teleporting scrolls to wherever you want. it gets rid of the annoying travelling involved in hunting them and makes it fun, although with the right items the battles are simple.

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aviator1892825d ago

However, I'd suggest to stay away from the reviews for this game. I really don't understand how this game is a 7.

toaster2825d ago

Naruto, you're not a ninja if everybody knows who you are. Believe it.

raWfodog2825d ago

Hey, I like my ninjas brightly colored and full of go-get-em :)

If I was a ninja, I'd let everybody know. Ladies like the ninja :)

Genecalypse2825d ago

7 isnt a bad score guys, come on

Trunkz Jr2825d ago

I've seen pretty good scores off this game over the past bit, Metacritic has it so far at 7.6 so GS is full of it - they'll probably give Black Ops a 10.

xYLeinen2825d ago

Well, for once the review matches the score.

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