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The outstanding artistic design and great sense of humor make it worth playing, but the other aspects have been streamlined to such a high degree that their simple pleasures have been lessened. While you shouldn't expect everything to run smoothly, it's a joy to be whisked away to Fable III's magical world.

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aviator1892854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Wasn't expecting that, but I guess everyone has their own opinion.

Anyways, I don't let reviews get to me anymore.
I rent, play, and keep the game if it's enjoyable and fun.

Fan Tastic2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

wow, even though gamespot is generous with 360 games that is still better than I expected. Might even be worth a rental unlike Fable II.

Hades13372854d ago

Same as Fallout New Vegas, Gamespot don't seem to be enjoying their RPGs recently do they.

NecrumSlavery2854d ago

The basically pointed out its flaws and scored it accordingly, but stressed that it is still fun and Fable fans will love it. Simliar to Fallout New Vegas, it has issues but still a good game.

When is this coming to PC BTW?

SephireX2854d ago

Difference is, New Vegas would have gotten an 8.5 if not for the technical errors and many if not most of those errors have already been fixed with the downloadable patch. Hence the 8.5 for the pc version.

ABizzel12854d ago

Gamespot has been on a 7/10 rampage these last 2 months.

And they've been really slow putting out reviews.

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pangitkqb2854d ago

Oh well, I'll still pick it up on PC in the near future sometime. I've enjoyed the series. Luckily I have Fallout: NV to keep me busy until then.

visualb2854d ago

Not Doing as well as I expected
Oh well, I'll still pick it up on PC in the near future sometime. I've enjoyed the series. Luckily I have Fallout: NV to keep me busy until then.

basically my comment before I commented and changed it =P

ReservoirDog3162854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Renting costs a lot though. At least, it adds up if that's your only way of judging a game.

I look at my trusted review sites, read* the review and not just the number and overall just guess if it interests me.

You can't just throw reviews away.

JokesOnYou2854d ago

dammm, I could live with everything else but I was hoping the combat system was much improved, really loved ME2 in that respect. A bit dissapointing but I cant miss Fable since I enjoyed the first two.


visualb2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

especially since for me its 1up, Gameinformer, gamesTM and gamespot (eventhough less since that kane& lynch debacle) that are the TOP reviewers on my book

oh well, guess it'll be worth it anyway later down when price drops / PC ver. will be cheaper

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MAJ0R2854d ago

definitely a rent worthy game

Sackdude2854d ago

Im geting it for my PC

Cheaper and better version.

perfectCarbonara2854d ago

Now what Molyneux ?

No, wait, lemme guess: "Fable 3 was crap compared to Fable 4 ?"

KILLERAPP2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

LOL... Molyneux should put Fable to rest for a while and make a new IP after the new IP go back and do Fable 4…

despair2854d ago

great read, very well written, compared to IGN very sparse and poor review its a welcome read. The game has its problems but it looks pretty good still, not great or half of what Molyneux promised or hyped but good none the less.

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