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Xulap2644d ago

Who else plans to kill zombies all night long?

aceitman2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

its not up yet edit ok now

AAACE52644d ago

Play the NFS demo! It is good.

Elwenil2644d ago

Interesting that PS Plus users actually get a discount on something new and high profile. I wasn't planning on getting this yet, but since I can get it for $8 I may as well check it out.

TheLastGuardian2644d ago

I just installed Undead Nightmares. Why do I have to have stupid f*cking homework? As soon as I'm don't I'm playing Undead Nightmare all the way through and I'm going to play some Undead Overrun.

frankymv2644d ago

no dead nation........


SilverSlug2644d ago

Got excited and thought it was Dead Nation :( now I'm sad again.

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George Sears2644d ago

About damn time. Ready for some Red Dead cleansing.

murcielago42644d ago

damn straight, i was checking the damn PSstore all f-ing day for RDR undead nightmare.

TheLastGuardian2644d ago

Undead Nightmares Collection $20 includes undead nightmare, liars and cheats, and legends in killers. Thanks for screwing me out of $10 for being an early adopter Rockstar. >:)

despair2644d ago

its kinda funny that those who throw support behind the company by adopting the add-ons and DLC early get screwed the most because of discounts like these, I mean its actually them taking a crap on the big fans.

GaboCalde2644d ago

ZOMBIES! :) Definitely picking it up.

MGRogue20172644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Finally.. I can compare both 360/PS3 versions of the NFS: Hot Pursuit demo now & see if EA did a good job of keeping the differences to a minimum. :D

BiggCMan2644d ago

who cares? the game just looks like so much fun.

despair2644d ago

that's why you download it? I thought the demo was there for us to have some fun and see if the game interest us.

Pandemic2644d ago

Why is it always you that compares games on each console.... :l

Lirky2644d ago

Search undead nightmare in psn store and ucan dl undead nightmare for an headstart... oh wait.. n4g provided us with theupdate to psn store now. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.