No Mutants Allowed finally gets a chance to see Fallout 3 in action

No Mutants Allowed staffers Brother None and SuAside were able to get entry to the Fallout 3 showings at the GC thanks to GamerNode, AtomicGamer, and Madshrimps.

What resulted is the most in-depth Fallout 3 preview yet, written by the biggest Fallout fans there are. There's also a nice Q&A with Bethesda's Pete Hines.

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Barreldragon004127d ago

Some Fallout3 news that MK_Red didn't know about or post on yet even after its been almost an hour!!! ;P lol

MK_Red4127d ago

Shame on me! I just saw this. Awesome news. NMA is the best place for Fallout fans and it's good to see them finally see Fallout 3 in action. Can't wait.
PS. Awesome story and find.

MaximusPaynicus4127d ago

I just read the preview, and it seems to me that those two went in to the demo showing with it set in their heads that, short of the announcement that Interplay was reforming, they were not going to like what they saw. As fans it's understandable, but it automatically compromises the preview for those who have little experience in the franchise.

MK_Red4127d ago

Well, they speak from my heart and all their point are valid at least to me, specially the one about SuperMutants (Funny and sad image) and the Maturity and humor.

Captain Tuttle4127d ago

These guys freak out if it's suggested that Fallout 3 is going to be anything but 2D turn-based isometric gameplay but they rag on Bethesda for not being "daring" and "innovative" enough. You're right James Walker, these clowns will never be happy. I stopped going to NMA long ago.

_insane_cobra4127d ago

Ditto. I love Fallout, but that kind of orthodoxy is ridiculous.

urban bohemian4127d ago

NMA is normally a great website but this preview is awful, Bethseda is a great developer and its obvious they are trying to make this game incredible. How many titles have Liam Neilson as a voice over character? How many titles have this much scope and detail? The original Fallout 3 build looked rubbish, this is cutting edge and even innovative (VATS system etc). They are picking out VERY minor problems with the game and making them out to be flaws (eg the part about the US ammo not really complimenting the Chinese rifle wtf!). As EVERY other preview has said Fallout 3 looked amazing, NMA will just have to accept that at some point. Either that or keep making Fallout mods.

Fallout 2 wasn't very different to Fallout - Fallout 3 will be an evolution of the series!

ulath6664126d ago

Far from every review have been positive.
Many have commented on the low quality slapstick humor, oblivionesque characters(they all look the same etc) etc etc.
This is a really good preview. none of the other has this much detail and they have the guts to question stuff, which is good. Im pretty intrested in how they explain the crater in Megaton. As they say, how does and unexploded nuke create a huuuuge crater?
Also since bethesda is constantly reminding us that this is a sequel they have every right to point out inconsistancies and things that are plain out wrong according to the lore.
BoS seems more likte the Fo:t BoS. Somehow i cant see the original brotherhood sending out squads to battle mutants with no other goal than to kill them.

The VATS is as pointed out not very innovative. Its a match of rtwp like in Baldurs gate and Called shot from the originals. It actualle seems to play out a little like buollet time in Max payne. Youre have limited time in that mode, you can aim easier and to get more "time" you have to go back to RT.

Also i dont know about amaxing, many of the shots doesnt look much better than oblivion and Bethesda seems to have a Bloomabuse problem.
One of swedens oldest and best game journalist (Bennet from PCgamer) had this to say:

. Love the environments
. Really awful animation
. Nice combat system
. The characters all looks like brothers and sisters, just like in oblivion. You can easily see its the same engine.

Im not getting my hopes up.
Im sure ill buy this and play it, i might even enjoy this, but the constant nagging feeling that "this isnt fallout" will always be there as long as its called Fallout 3...

reaferfore204126d ago

I'd still like to play the original Fallout 3. Wasn't it almost finished? That game was a big step up from the first two. Not as big as this is though.

Captain Tuttle4126d ago

I don't think it was close to being finished...they had an early pre-Alpha build or something, enough to get some screen shots.

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