Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

CFD!'s Halloweek continues with Rob Rich's look at this Xbox exclusive downloadable prequel:

"People liked Dead Rising a lot. It wasn’t without its flaws; such as the inconvenient save system, timer-based missions and pain-in-the-ass survivor escorts, but there was no denying the appeal of killing zombies en-mass in unconventional ways. With Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene is poised to pick up where Frank West left off.

"And that’s all well and good for the sequel, but what about this odd little demo/prequel/Xbox Live Arcade game thing? Everyone who cares knows that it sets up Chuck and his daughter Katey’s story for the follow-up game, allows you to play with a limited amount of MacGuyvered weapons from the new combo system and features lots of zombies. What everyone wants to know is just how “worth it” is the whole thing. Is it just a five dollar demo, or something more?"

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RobsteinOne2766d ago

Boomstick. Second only to the Plate Thrower.

Ndigity2766d ago

I think this is the perfect amount of Dead Rising for me. No more necessary.

ShadowPraxis2766d ago

I kind of get the feeling a lot of people feel similarly. I wonder how many are just going to go with bite-size zombie slaying over paying $60 for essentially more of the same.

mushroomwig2766d ago

I've had so much fun while playing Dead Rising 2, money well spent in my opinion! Something that I can't say for many games this generation and their obsession with realism.

Headquarters112766d ago

Yup it's a great game. Most fun i've had with a co-op game this whole gen.

I hope there's some DLC soon to add more weapons, maybe a new stores? WITH CO-OP

mushroomwig2766d ago

I hope so too, there's still a lot more they could do with the game, it's nice to see them adding costumes to the store which actually boost your skills in areas.

acronkyoung2766d ago

I don't think I could handle a game like the Dead Rising games nowadays, what with work and the kid. If I had a 360, this might be a good investment just to give me the experience without it being so long.

ShadowPraxis2766d ago

I recently went back and tried to replay the first one now that I have an HDTV but the pacing (not to mention controls, save system, etc) just kept putting me off. I'd love to see if 2 fixes some of those issues, but I dunno. I may pick up Case Zero to audition for the sequel, if you will.

thisdustin2766d ago

I bet I'll pick this up when it drops a bit in price.

ShadowPraxis2766d ago

$5 is too much for you? Wow... ;P

thisdustin2766d ago

Oops... should have paid more attention. I actually bought this day one and had a good time with it.

Giantsquirrel2766d ago

I played this for about 20 minutes and it reverse-sold me on Dead Rising 2. That's all I could take

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