Bioshock creater hints at sequal

Next Gen caught up with creator Ken Levine to discuss some of the issues surrounding the PC launch, broken Big Daddies and what's next for the team (after a well-earned holiday).

"Am I interested in continuing to work in the world?" is a question Next Gen poses, to which Levine answers "Yes, I am." The second question, if there is a popular demand for such work, is also answered in the positive by Levine. Though in truth he need not answer at all with the game's high scores and server-breaking sales.

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jay33854d ago

A sequel would be so awesome!

snoop_dizzle3854d ago

especially if the story has two different endings.
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btw i beat the game last week by harvesting the girls, is the other ending totally different?

toughNAME3854d ago

instead of dying..they live

cool that it has alternate ending...but both endings were kinda expected

PS360PCROCKS3854d ago

I have to finish the game before I pass judgement on this...

IQUITN4G3854d ago

No real big deal this but spelling mistakes on story titles isn't really setting a great example - doesn't exactly discourage people to change their ways in this area which surely isn't good considering how bad some spelling is from some.

Yes i am a square

sjappie3854d ago

I ordered the special edition and when I opened it I saw that the tip of the drill was broken of. I already made arangements with the company I bought it from to replace it, they didn't say anything about a free artbook, I hope I to can get that.

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