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ballsofsteel2855d ago

Looks interesting wondering what the multi touch center pad thing is for

Fishy Fingers2855d ago

I imagine the same uses as a track pad found on a laptop, or the more recent multitouch track pads.

Also, the 2 small dots on it, they're said to operate as "virtual" thumb sticks.

Digitaldude2855d ago

Can't say it looks sleek but its good to know its real!

Why did they only show to engadget?

ComboBreaker2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Playstaion Phone! (Not to be confused with PSP2, which will also be coming out next year).

And thank you Sony, for the 2 virtual analogy sticks.
Finally, an Android phone with proper analog sticks for playing all those emulators in the market.

And note that this is a prototype with no skin yet.

ballsofsteel2855d ago

Virtual thumbstick? if it work i guess but it looks odd to say the least

TheLastGuardian2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I have to get one. I hope this doesn't replace the PSP2.

All I ask for is AT&T, real games with 8 hour campaigns, online gaming and I really hope it releases this year so I can get one for christmas.

hikayu2855d ago

that is the long rumored touch strip that will be replace the analog sticks . that is a sweet looking device , i admit . but im not a big fan of touch control . i would have to see it for myself if the touch strip does work .

but the most interesting thing i want to know is : what carrier is supported ? it's a phone , first of all , so it should be eligible for a discount from carrier = cheaper device :D ! it's going to hard pricing this device right . 3G access means ... multilayer anywhere !
so much possibility !!! trophy support ? PSN unified access ? how would it works on other android devices ? better yet : where's BUTLER to reveal it ? XD .

BkaY2855d ago

buy a new freaking camera..... they took pic in hurry i guess..

apart from whining... it looks ok...

i am seeing myself getting in down the track... but not on launch


HolyOrangeCows2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Please, God, no! Don't let this be the successor to the PSP!

From what I see, they display no actual evidence of it being real, and it might not be the successor to the PSP.

Here's hoping we still see a PSP2 next year.

Fishy Fingers2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I assume they're leaked pic, probably taken on a camera phone, I very much doubt Engadget have the actual prototype in house.

Abash2855d ago

If it's the PlayStation Phone, wheres the PS logo?

BattleAxe2855d ago

iPhone is now officially DESTROYED!

TreMillz2855d ago

It technically not associated with PS, but SONY/Ericsson.

EeJLP-2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I think the buttons and flip out controller are a cool addition to a phone to play Roms easier, but overall the phone itself.. the design and its feature don't look too special. Plenty of phones have those specs already.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2854d ago

No way! Now this I might get over the iPhone.

Red_Orange_Juice2854d ago

It may be a new phone, but it's not PSP2 that's for sure.

NeutralGamer2854d ago

I got a feeling that PSP2 is the real succsessor and that this will only be able to play PSP Minis :-(

I'm going for the PSP2 wich sounds a bit more awesome...

WinterWolf2854d ago

Actually, a device like this is what I have been waiting for. I hardly touch my psp anymore but I carry my phone everywhere. This is perfect.

Ju2854d ago

Doesn't really matter if that's a PSP2 or not. If Sony is smart, this is the start for a "PlayStation Portable" SW platform - basically the PSP framework and possibly license scheme available to a wider range of platforms. Can be Phone, tablet or/and (mobile) console. Pretty much what Xbox Live is inside WinPhone7 - with Android at the bottom.

If they are smart, they'll license that (incl. Mobile Playstation Store) out to 3rd party handset makers - while Sony would still own the SW platform.

Theoneneo812854d ago

the only reason it was shown to engadget first is probably because it wasn't left in a bar so gizmodo couldn't steal it. hah

ThanatosDMC2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

As long as it works, im all for it! Sweet that it's as small as the Go so it can fit in my pocket.

edit: After looking at the pics, this better be a prototype. The shoulder buttons will be hard to press. It needs to be like the Go in which it's kinda like jutting out... i dont know how to explain it. Anyway, compare the Go shoulder buttons to this and you'll see the big problem.

No Way2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

You said there's no PS logo cause it's more associated with, Sony/Ericsson.
Does, the whole Sony brand have an actual logo that they universally use?

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happyface2855d ago

iphone is going to crush this thing... what is sony thinking going up against apple

White-Sharingan2855d ago

yeah cause I'll buy a PSP just for angrybirds...right? please, give me real games.

Silly gameAr2855d ago

You worry about things being crushed more then you play games dude.

k-dillinger2855d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows2855d ago

You silly kiddies. Not every product has to sell more than the competitors' to reel in profit.

murcielago42855d ago

apple sucks, this may my not take down apples little iphone but it will still sell pretty good. i would buy one.

iPad2855d ago

iPhone crushes everything.

jukins2855d ago

lol ignoring the fact that its yet another android device whose market share has been vigourously eating away at ALL smartphones market share since its debut.

Seraphim2855d ago

I have to disagree just because the comment. Apple is going to continue to dominate until people find a new name brand and toy to worship. it is what it is, people love it, it's here to stay, & it's brought TONS of none gamers into the market for casual games that are fun and pass a little time.

as for the phone itself... I think Sony/Ericsson is dropping the ball on this one. I guess a lot needs to be seen but... well let's just say, well... bottom line is that they're still just Ericsson, the branch of Sony that even Sony wants to see fail so they can avoid all those annual losses this division comes with. It looks like a nice upgrade and nifty device for gaming but a lots to be seen w/ how it'll work, what specific games are we looking at here, etc. It just seems to have FAIL written all over it. Nothing really Playstation about it other than the slider that has a PSP like area. While the Experia is a sharp phone Ericsson in general just can't manage to get phones out there that people want. I guess it doesn't help when Verizon isn't carrying your phones either. I looked into the Experia but @ the end of the day only At&t has it, not Verizon, and you'd really be better off buying a Driod or Iphone. I think they are finally starting to get on track w/ where they need to be but breaking into the market is going to be tough at this point. Droid, Iphone and Blackberry dominate.

chalk this up as never going to happen & illogical. but Personally I'd like to see a joint venture between SCE and Sony/Ericsson. Ideal phone for PS would be PSP system w/ the Experia platform. Hardware cross like what's shown, except better and that plays PSP titles. Something that uses the PS Store but also has a marketplace for normal phone based casual games/titles to market to the general public. This way you get gamers, portable gamers jumping on this device as a PSP and phone plus you get everyone interested in everything else. Personally this would be awesome for me because I don't use my PSP. I never tote it around but there's so many times I wish I did have it yet I always have my phone in my pocket. Anyway Problem with this idea is any adult or person who can get a phone would be looking @ buying a phone instead of a new PSP therefore taking SCE money and giving it to the Sony/Ericsson division. As far as cost. Because phones cost "$600-900" yet you get them for $200-300 under contract surely it could work.

SSKILLZ2855d ago

The iphone has nothing on Android !

Soldierone2855d ago

Android is crushing Iphone....Sony just confirmed the slow and painful death of iCrap. That and the tablets coming out soon plus the added competition coming from Microsoft future Zune phone? Apple isnt gonna be dominant very much longer.

Tr10wn2855d ago

Who said that n4g is full of Sony fanboys? lol. The truth is that the iPhone and the Window Phone 7 will crush this thing, the desing looks pretty old fashioned and the interface too, in fact every Ericsson suck including this one.

atticus142855d ago


you can say it brought a lot of casual gamers into the market, but really thats no a benefit to 90% of the people here, it just promotes talent and resources being funneled into crap games and if these crap games start making more then the "bigger budget" ones there will be no reason for developers to put money into "AAA" games anymore because the risk will be too big when it could fail.

Millah2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

This will do a lot for gaming on Android, thats for sure. But all they really will ever be are mobile know, the kind of "weak games" that Marcus likes to mock and belittle in the commercials. Not true PSP-level games. However, I'm not sure I see why Sony decided to give Google all that reward, when they themselves won't be benefitting all that much from it. Sure, they might have a reasonably successful phone product, but I think the Playstation brand is strong enough to create its own mobile gaming environment, rather than just jump into a sea of other Android phones. I think the Playstation brand is much stronger than that, and they shouldn't just let Google reap the rewards from it, for Android that currently is not very strong gaming-wise.

If they truly brand this a "playstation" phone, and not just a Sony Ericcson with gaming capabilities, then I think Sony will have made a huge mistake throwing one of their strongest brands out there to help Google out like that. I just don't see whats in it for Sony to help Android with the Playstation brand.

Seraphim2854d ago

@ atticus14

I'm not saying it is a benefit for anyone here or a good thing. I'm simply stating the obvious fact.

silvacrest2854d ago

where is your proof that this will only play "mini" type games? are two analogs even needed for those? also, android is very popular right now, even more popular then apples iphone, so its little wonder that sony would use the android OS

android already has some games, not alot but some so sonys PSPhone benifits from this, if they choose to use their own phone OS they would have no or very little apps, only sony games and a unproven OS

you keep going on as if google is the only one benefiting from this but your wrong, sony ericcson has been in decline for a while now and this would certainly boost interest and sales in a devision that is not doing so well

Ju2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Re: But all they really will ever be are mobile know, the kind of "weak games"

What are you talking about? My GalaxyS beats the PSP hands down. Only thing missing is a SW platform to allow porting games over. Or companies willing to do so. Android is just not very game friendly - even though OpenGL ES 2.0 is available for the GalaxyS (incl. shader support).

Sony will fill that gap with a gaming platform for Android. Pretty obvious.

I can care less about the iphone. Everything that thing does, my Galaxy does better - and costs 50% less. Simple. (well, but no point of arguing that. I will get a gazillion of disagrees for that, but who cares).

morganfell2854d ago

The Iphone is getting crushed by Android. You should wake up and join the latter half of 2010.

That is just the beginning. Iphone is now a has been.

GodHandDee2854d ago

Iphone market share is crushing Android market share!!!

oh wait

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White-Sharingan2855d ago

Sony + google = perfection

and android 3.0! whooT!

Immortal Kaim2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

If I write Playstation on my Microwave, will it become a Playstation Microwave?

What I'm implying is, this device doesn't seem to have any input from the SCE, the design (with the PS branded buttons) just looks like a cashin by Sony Ericsson, a move to attract gamers to their terrible phones.

Kevin McCallister2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Not if those are the true specs...If that's what this phone launches with next year, then it has already failed before even being released. Having actual buttons is a wonderful thing, but why pick this up over the dual core Tegra 2 Android phones that'll be launching end of this year/early next year?

silvacrest2854d ago

not everybody cares about specs or having the latest CPU etc, the leaked specs are up there with the latest smartphones in fact its actually better with it's 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 which i no is very powerful (i'm very into smartphones)

these specs are miles better then the current PSP

although a dual core CPU would be nice, think about battery consumption and price as well as heat

Kevin McCallister2854d ago

I'm a smartphone and Android enthusiast as well, but you stated the exact problem. Assuming this phone has a 2011 release date and the specs are indeed true, you don't think it's a problem that its specs only match the CURRENT latest smartphones available today? If you only plan to have a high powered portable gaming device, you'd be better off just purchasing the PSP2 next year and not end up on a 2 year contract with this phone. The T2 devices upcoming in regular Android phones will easily outgame this device, not to mention, Sony Ericsson has an absolutely terrible track record when it comes to OS updates. Supposedly, heat and battery consumption shouldn't be an issue with the dual core cpus.

WinterWolf2854d ago

We also have to keep in mind that this is only a prototype. We really don't know yet haw it will be released and marketed. But I would really like to see a PSP2-power hardware work as a phone and have the same shape and size as a phone. Is that too much to ask for?

Zeevious2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

HAhAHAHHAhahahahahahahahhaa... ..

Seriously...Android with a game-compatible software/hardware set from Sony.
That's a pretty challenging X O X [ ] R1 combo!

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SPARDA_4262855d ago

the two dots on the pad are the analog sticks. so this has 2 analog sticks which means we got what we asked for

aceitman2855d ago

where the hell is the psn store update

Imperator2855d ago

Epic! Is this the PSP Phone or is this also the PSP2?

Stealth20k2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

not the psp 2

no its not both

this is a completely seperate device with weak specs, no hd screen, no touch on back

jack_burt0n2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

its both

touch screen on back wtf are you takling about that was made up by some blog!

Sheikh Yerbouti2855d ago

Probably more like PSPGo 2.

hot4play2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I think this news most likely confirms that the PSP2 and the PS Phone are two totally different hardware!

This is the phone I've been waiting for! Android support makes it an instant buy!

I hope Sony releases official info on this soon. I want to be able to transfer all my PSP Go purchases on the PlayStation Phone! :)

*Just hope they polish the design a bit more (if this is a prototype). Or make it available in different colors. IMO, the PSP Go looks sexier.

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NeutralGamer2854d ago

I'm out..

I got a feeling that PSP2 is the real succsessor and that this will only be able to play PSP Minis :-(

WinterWolf2854d ago

Me too. I'm looking forward to this as well.

subzero-082855d ago

The holes are probably where the analog nubs will end up being placed. I can't see those tiny dots being used as the sticks.

Fishy Fingers2855d ago

They're "virtual" thumb sticks, it's a slide out design so thumb sticks in the traditional manner wouldnt really work, thats why the D-pad/buttons are sunk in slightly. It's also allows for a larger track pad.

steel212855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Anyone notice how in pic 3 it says press A to enter and B to go back?? Thats strange for a Playstation device...

duplissi2855d ago

tis a prototype with no skin....


Blacktric2854d ago

That doesn't disprove the fact that its fake. It says A and B not X and Circle. Even if its a protoype they won't f*ck around by changing the button names. Read. Or at least think.

duplissi2854d ago

Engadget reiterated that it is real and it is a prototype. Going by engadget's track record I'm confident its real

zeddy2855d ago

i never bought an iphone because i already have an ipod, if games look good on it i would defo consider buying it.

DXM12854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

thank god its fake... Looks fucking terrible. Every product sony releases is polished and slick.. this looks like garbage.

EDIT: in the link provided by ST0, it does look better. Either way ill have to buy this. Hope last version looks good.

MEsoJD2854d ago

may have to get rid of my iphone 4(I love it btw) for this. Before engadget reviled this, I told people sony needs to understand that people want that all in one device numerous times in psp2 related articles and all you stupid mother fuckers disagreed with me, but it seems sony doesn't. Suck ma balls. ^_^

King-Leonidas2854d ago

Gaming while i keep in touch with society... Brilliant.