KontrolFreek Answers the Call This Holiday Season with the Limited Edition FPS Freek Prestige

The FPS Freek Prestige was created for first-person shooter fans that desire the winning edge and want to flaunt their kill ratios to the world. A perfect complement to your arsenal, the FPS Freek Prestige easily snaps on to both first-party controllers and the new, third-party Black Ops editions.

The FPS Freek Prestige features a sleek all black profile with a laser-etched military-themed insignia design inside of a concave thumb rest, allowing for enhanced control and precision. Available in limited quantities this holiday season, the FPS Freek Prestige is available immediately for pre-order.

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Chango2736d ago

can't wait to pop these little homos onto my joypad and achieve constant thrusting and stamina like a jew on deathrow.

on a serious note this def will help with the killing invading mexican gardeners in viva pinata...even tho that games only on the wii.

scar202736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

You must really suck at fps if you have to use this kind of stuff.