Mass Effect: Creating Commander Shepard

BioWare's first RPG for Xbox 360, looks to be the popular developer's most sophisticated game to date. While we've grown used to the BioWare formula of "good" and "evil" choices, the events in Mass Effect are shaped by other factors as well. You play as Commander Shepard, but your Commander Shepard may be a far different character than your friend's. Character creation in Mass Effect determines your past. And who you were before the game starts has great influence on how other character react to you during your galactic adventure. It will even determine some of the side quests available throughout the game.

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Most in depth character creation seen in a game plus best facial anamations seen in a game... & that's just what we know from reviewers so far. Still on my GOTY list,... can't wait for November !!!

Bioware always delivers !!!