Wall Street Journal: Fable III Isn’t Legendary

Fable III is a game that promises much, but never fully delivers. Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead Studios has a game with all the elements needed to succeed – stunning graphics, a deep storyline, sympathetic characters, a hip steampunk feel and smooth gameplay. Somehow, though, the game fails to meld all those elements together.

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jack who2850d ago

Wall Street Journal needs too stick with giving fake stock tips

- Ghost of Sparta -2850d ago ShowReplies(4)
Urmomlol2850d ago

I trust the Wall Street Journal to review video games about as much as I trust IGN to give me financial advice on the stock market.

WLPowell2850d ago

can sit there and hype shovelware crap just because it'll sell alot, WSJ can write game reviews. It's not like IGN does a good job of reviewing games themselves.

HDgamer2850d ago

I wonder why people want to say they shouldn't write reviews when the same thing comes to the game they hate on the other platform. Just as long as they actually played the game and give it a proper review then there should be nothing wrong with it.

FarEastOrient2850d ago

I want a PC version, the other two Fable games I have are on the PC please Microsoft I know you can do it!

ilikestuff2850d ago

wall street journal? more like wall street urinal!....... anything?..... never mind, that was a stupid joke.

Optical_Matrix2850d ago

In some manners I can believe that the game fails to deliver in areas. Don't take this wrongly, but I've just heard many fans say although the game is great, Molyneux just continues to overhype and under deliver in area's he promises to go all out on. But lets be honest, this is Wall Street Journal. Their reviews are far from credible and as far as I've seen, the game looks sick, and it's getting 8-9's across the board.

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The story is too old to be commented.