GameTrailers: Fable III Review

Does the third generation of Albion's kingdom have the destiny to keep the series running strong?

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Bobbykotickrulesz2737d ago

I'll probably rent it tomorrow. If it's good enough, I'll keep the copy and just buy it.

StanLee2737d ago

This is probably one of the better and most concise review of this game. If you enjoyed Fable II you'll feel right at home. If you were never a fan of Fable this wont sway you.

Cold 20002737d ago

I wonder who disagreed with you chuk...hmmm...

Chuk52737d ago

Probably when I wasn't looking, my post got stormed by sony shinobi.

Hades13372737d ago

Glad they sorted out the coop mode for this one, definitely a reason to buy.

Spydiggity2737d ago

that's good news. but the fact that this game is basically a slightly improved redo of fable 2, adds nothing new, and is way too easy and short gives me several more reasons to rent (if that).

T9X692737d ago

Funny you say those things and haven't even played the game. Fable 3 is different from Fable 2 in every way, they completely changed it, besides the combat system, which even that has some slight changes. The game isn't short unless you intently rush through it, I'm 12 hours in and haven't even became King yet. You probably don't even have a 360 which is why you have no reason to rent it.

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Tikicobra2737d ago

My brother pre-ordered it.

Which sucks, because now I'll have to wait like a week before I can play it.

Legacy_Killa2737d ago

The game was as easy as hell i can't belive how easy it was, i never died. By far Fable lost chapters is alot harder then this one, but it was still a good game over all i would give it a 8 out of 10.

kornbeaner2737d ago

While at this point the story may be predictable to many, how about not fucking up the end game choices. At least add a spoiler alert to your review. Fuck GT.

On topic can't wait to get my videocard because Im getting this for PC. As long as there isnt any stupid DRM on the disc.