PSXExtreme Review: Warhawk gets 9/10

Warhawk is an age-old PlayStation brand. In fact those who were to young to remember, the original Warhawk was actually one of the first PlayStation games nearly a dozen years back. It, along with Twisted Metal and Jet Moto, all shared the very same game engine that was developed by Single Trac, who are now today as Incognito. Warhawk 2 took life on the PlayStation, but it was canceled fairly quick, and media of the game doesn't exist.

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nasim4128d ago

AAA confirmed


great to see WARHAWK getting brilliant reviews

sonarus4128d ago

Finally a score of 9. Now if only it wasnt from a play station branded website.

In related news i have been playing warhawk and i have come to the conclusion that i am the undisputed king of capture the flag. I have won like 6 games in a row now. Any one looking to witness ma CTF glory add me PSN ID: sonarus.

DTClown4128d ago

Best Buy's shipment got messed up and WarHawk won't be in till Thursday!! Want the Jabra I'll be painfully waiting.

Nice to see the REAL reviews of WarHawk are stellar!

ALIEN4128d ago

This game really ROCK!

pilotpistolpete4128d ago

Hey, anyone know when the retail version comes out. I went to my local best buy, but no Warhawk.

Danielson4128d ago

hey i went today also and they told me it would be in tomorrow (the 29th), but dont take my word for it, it is best buys, lol, you could call befor u go just to make sure though.

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The story is too old to be commented.