GameSpot: Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

While Razing Storm throws around a lot of explosions, color, and movement onscreen, none of it looks particularly sharp, and the environments and enemies look somewhat bland and ill-defined. At least the sound effects are impactful, particularly the various booms and bangs of the different guns. But the gameplay's impact isn't nearly as impressive. While the three arcade light-gun ports can provide fun, the lack of replayability means they fall well short of balancing out the uninvolving and downright frustrating FPS-wannabe that Razing Storm serves up. The arcade ports are the only live rounds in this shooter's chambers--unfortunately, the rest are filled with blanks.

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Quagmire2764d ago

Still waiting for announcement of MGRising Move Integration...

gtamike2764d ago

so I guess the guy who did the review died alot lmao.

Tapewurm2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I have been playing this game and having a blast.... it is accurate and the game is a lot of you get 3 games in one (and the actual game Razing Storm has different modes that make it a value in arcade mode...a storymode, a sentry mode-think prison guard sniper-, and an online competitive mode as well as rankings)....for the price and quality of games you are getting with this, the review is complete BS.... it's not the be all, end all game of the future, but it is a really fun arcade-style shooting experience....definitely deserves higher than a 6. My kids and I love it....been playing this and The Shoot a lot over the past few days and have no regrets for purchasing it.

clintos592764d ago

I mean they did say ratchet had too much variety lol.

Sackdude2764d ago

And its fantastic, pure FUN! it is very accurate.

This reviewer opinion is wrong.

Leafhopper2764d ago

How can a opinion be wrong?

Its an opinion...

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