Ex Bungie dev: Apple got close to buying us

Steve Jobs’ Apple Inc was just days away from buying Bungie when Microsoft sealed the deal at the eleventh hour, an ex-developer of the Halo studio has claimed.

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wat6342919d ago

And Microsoft saved a great studio i might add.

ThatCanadianGuy2919d ago ShowReplies(5)
Cajun Chicken2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Admittedly, Halo would be a poor third person shooter if it wasn't the for the input of Microsoft. It was them that suggested the emphasis on FPS. I still wonder what the TPS would of been like though.

But Bungie is one of the rare developers that Microsoft took onboard for the XBOX that didn't become a casualty.

Garrus_Vakarian2919d ago

Watch a film in third person. Bam!

It actually looks like it would be fun.

Motorola2919d ago

if its the next "fad", expect a Halo TPS

lzim2918d ago

TPS is irrelevant.

Bungie has more experience than simple TPS. It could have been open world (which it ended up being regardless).

Point is MS had, and continued to have much more money to throw at Bungie and sadly Bungie did well enough for themselves that MS didn't lose interest and have then closed like so many other studios, even the core ones.

Apple would have had a great starting point to internal game development. Microsoft buying them out might actually be the bitters on Apples fingers for internal AAA game development (they could have had PC gaming practically uncontested since missing out on Bungie and have done little or nothing since).

Optical_Matrix2919d ago

Apple getting a lot of spotlight on this website over the past couple of days. Anyways, I'm glad Microsoft bought them. Apple isn't serious enough about gaming to have done this franchise any amount of good. I doubt Halo would have been nearly as successful on Mac as it is on the Xbox simply because the userbase of gamers just isn't there. Plus the systems are too damn expensive (that said I'm a Macbook Pro user haha) and, if you consider the fact that a lot of Halo's fanbase are young teenagers-late teens, how would they have ever afforded the platform to even play the game on.

Other side to the story is that, maybe, Halo could have launched Apple into the videogame market as a serious competitor. With this in mind this MIGHT be why Jobs was so pissed about Microsoft securing Bungie as a 1st party studio. I guess we'll never know. But it's interesting to think about.

SkylineR2918d ago

I agree. I think Bungie could've been "lost" had they been bought by Apple. Halo could've still been a great game on Apple's hardware but it would've been a cult hit with just the Apple crowd. It might've even been a 1 or 2 game only franchise. And knowing Jobs, he would have all of Bungie making iOS software by now. :p

Personally I think MS did save Bungie if the story of them being in financial trouble is true. Halo might've turned out be a "What if" story if no-one bough them. Regardless though, they're multiplatform now so whatever game is next, more people will enjoy it and see how good a developer they are and see why Halo is enjoyed by so many gamers. (excluding ThatCanadianGuy ^ up there)

Bathyj2919d ago

Buy me Apple.

Buy me an HTC.

gcolley2919d ago

they were better off because back then apple didnt give a shit about games. bungie would be nothing if apple had bought them

gypsygib2919d ago

I doubt Bungie's success will ever match the success it had with Halo. I loved Reach but mainly because of the Halo universe. The game without the Halo lore would be about an 8/10.

lzim2918d ago

then you and anyone else who believes this are very silly.

Again, Bungie is much more than Halo regardless of that being the most common franchise in their recent history. Like the other studios that have survived Microsoft Bungie are on to bigger and better things. A big factor for them is that they have Activision for extra money and they don't lack for ideas and talented people.

What they most of all to do is not overreach whatever product/franchise/legacy it is that they will be working on next. Activision is going to send them into orbit.

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