VanQuish Gets Incredible $25 off Deal, Plus Much More

TQcast writes: Video game deals are cool when they are $5 or $10 off, but when you get $20 or $25 deals on hot games, it is hard to pass ‘em up. How is this retailer making money?

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jc485732968d ago

yea, I've taken advantage of this this many times already and sometimes I wonder if Kmart is making any profit.

Cenobia2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

They probably aren't. They likely use these deals as bait to get people into their store, at which point most people think of or see other things they need to buy and do so while at Kmart.

tacosRcool2967d ago

still I don't shop at Kmart unless I cannot find what I am looking for anywhere as Kmart magically tends to have the item I am looking for

Spenok2967d ago

No, just go into any local Kmart and ask for the game during the sale. It will be properly discounted. As i said in a comment below i have been takeing advantage of there deals for a while now. Its very nice.

JokesOnYou2967d ago

Good deal cause I still want to try this game.


kaos_fish II2967d ago


No Kmart's near where I live..

jc485732967d ago

screw gamestop and the other retail stores because I've saved at least 20 dollars on each game this year @ Kmart. I canceled all my preorders from Gamestop just for this sweet deals.

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The story is too old to be commented.