New Ape Escape Fury Fury screens revealed

Sony has revealed several new screens from the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game, Ape Escape Fury Fury.

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TheLastGuardian2945d ago

I wan't to see some game play. I wonder how this game will implement the Move.

gtamike2945d ago

same and the graphics are very nice

FriedGoat2945d ago

Its obvious isnt it? like tumble, but catching apes with a net.

jneul2945d ago

it looks brilliant!! monkey madness i hope it will make it over here!

mastiffchild2945d ago

It'll come and be a heap of silly fun that makes reserved ageing gamers like myself happy to jump about like a prize prune among the Move powered primate pandemonium! No danger of the Wets missing out on , potentially, the best full family Move game around. Always enjoyed thew nold games and hoping the update is as much of a riot.

DelbertGrady2945d ago

I loved the past games but this one looks like it's on-rails. While the other ones where graphical wonders for their time this looks pretty weak in the visuals department. Might be tons of fun though, who knows.

DigitalAnalog2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Nevermind. It's quite obvious that this is more of a party game than it is a full Ape Escape sequel. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

-End statement

PirosThe4th2945d ago

Hopefully this isn't the real Ape Escape 4... >_<

DigitalAnalog2945d ago

It's called "Ape Escape Fury Fury". A native-MOVE game that is definitely a "spin-off" to the main series.

-End statement

Calm Down Sunshine2945d ago

An on-rails Ape Escape game... No thanks.

Part of the fun in Ape Escape is getting to the little buggers, but if this is done for you.. What's left to enjoy?

Optical_Matrix2945d ago

Looks like it's on rails. Bun that. A HD 3rd Person Ape Escape platformer with move support would make me pick up the peripheral in a heart beat though

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