GameSpy: Fable III Review

One particularly hilarious quest midway through the storyline speaks volumes about the difficulties of designing a modern game. A group of dorks in Bowerstone insert you into a game of their own creation -- basically Albion's version of Dungeons & Dragons. As you traipse through their world, the three dungeon masters argue with one another over various aspects of their design. Should opening this chest be optional or mandatory? Should the player be forced to speak with all of the townspeople, or should he be told which one holds the information he requires?

One room in their game consists of nothing but a single, brightly lit lever in a pitch-black chamber with several large, vibrant yellow arrows dangling from the ceiling -- pointing directly at the lever's location. Fable III seems to be designed for the type of person who still has trouble finding that lever.

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GuruStarr782972d ago

i was hoping this would be better

Matthew942972d ago

3/5 hmmm thats not good... ill wait for more reviews

despair2972d ago

there are a crapload of reviews out already, just look around, 8-8.5 seems the general consensus. I think if they gave it 6 more months of development it would have been a much better game with more fine tuning of the features.

Baka-akaB2972d ago

I dunno how it needed more times . It doesnt seems the parts that some dislike are broken or anything .

Most complaints are about the inherent quest and interaction systems wich are unlikely to change in 6 more months .

despair2972d ago

its not about bugs or glitches, its polishing and just refining all the features, I'm sure it will still not be perfect but it might be a little better.

StanLee2972d ago

Six more months wouldn't have changed anything. Most of the complaints seem to be about design decisions and the game's simplicity.

saint_john_paul_ii2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

the reviews seem to be all over the place. dont let that get to you though

ThatCanadianGuy2972d ago ShowReplies(1)
Killed4Less2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I am disappointed with how this game is being received. Mark my words, this is the final Fable game we will be seeing. If the sales match in disappointment, could be the end of Lionhead as well.

aviator1892972d ago

end of Lionhead? I don't think so. It might be the last fable game for a while though.

thesithfreak2972d ago

the whole series slowly lost sight of itself. started off as a very fun action rpg with some nice social elements thrown on top. 2nd one was an extremely easy yet still fun action rpg that was smothered in social interaction. the 3rd one seems to have tipped over to a social strategy game with some action/semi-rpg elements thrown on top for good measure.

thesithfreak2972d ago

i dont care that someone disagrees, but how can you disagree with the obvious lol

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