Ripten’s PlayStation 2 Tenth Anniversary Retrospective

The Sony PlayStation 2 hit North America on October 26th, 2000, making today’s its 10 year anniversary. In lieu of just shouting “happy anniversary” as loudly as we can, we here at Ripten bring you fond memories of a what’s widely considered one of the greatest consoles of all time.

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jaredhart2853d ago

Happy Birthday old friend!

greeneggsnsam2853d ago

What a console. SO many influential modern games came out for it.

CrzyFooL2853d ago

Oh the mammories!! I mean memories!!!

RememberThe3572853d ago

I used to piss off so many chicks playing GTA:SA while they tried to talk to me. Aw the good old days before I lost my job and became a loser.

wakash2853d ago

Happy Bday PS2! We'll always love you! OOOWWW!!

Sandwich Bender2853d ago

They say talent skips a generation, so that explains the PS3


vicious69832853d ago

PS2 was a beast of a console. The games are what made it so great.

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The story is too old to be commented.