AC: Brotherhood post-beta tweaks detailed

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's beta phase seems to have had the desired effect, with Ubisoft announcing that it's made a long list of tweaks following user feedback.

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BeOneWithTheGun2971d ago

...meh. I love the SP in the last two so that is why I will be getting this game. Will try it out but I'm weird; I either like the SP or the MP of a game... Rarely both (Demon's Souls was really the only one)

Uncharted, phenomenal story mode didn't get into the MP.
Rainbow 6 Black Arrow and Vegas (1st one) Loved the MP, SP so-so.

It just seems one is always kind of "tacked on". I wish devs just focused on one mode. Make a killer, 15-20 hour SP or scrap SP and make a huge MP that ahs every possible feature you could want and tons of maps.

My two cents.