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FiftyFourPointTwo2796d ago

"PlayStation gamers will also get a handful of new boss fights too."

Enough reason for me to re-buy the game.

All_4_One2796d ago

Nice! I can`t wait to play this on PS3.

Obama2796d ago

finally more and more devs realize where's the money at for these types of games.

Cajun Chicken2796d ago

...And I will be buying a copy of this HD'd up when it arrives in EU.

Redempteur2796d ago

i have the EU version on wii

it was censored ..

NOw i'm gonna get the US release with the new bosses and move support


Cajun Chicken2796d ago

Thankfully, Desperate Struggle isn't censored at all.

turok2795d ago

suda himself doesnt even acknowledge the existence of nmh outside wii. something about favouring nintendo for some reason but i forget... travis @ next ssb?

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