Microsoft Reaffirms Commitment To Core Gamers

"If you looked at the Kinect launch lineup, and then caught the Kinect segments on the Home Shopping Network, we'd forgive you for wondering about Microsoft relationship to "core" gamers -- Kinect might be a lot of fun, but, so far, it's aimed squarely at moms, kids and other gaming outsiders. But according to Microsoft Game Studios' corporate VP Phil Spencer, the company is not abandoning the hardcore."

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Organization XII2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

well they already did...

GreenRingOfLife2968d ago

can't wait for even more hardcore Kinect games, i'll already be enjoying the hardcore games at launch

mrv3212968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

More implies that there are some... seeing as the Kinect is not out and not a single hardcore game yet shown more seems incorrect.

The word you where looking for is ANY

Also... what hardcore launch games? SERIOUSLY.

Yeah because that's what the core tends to do is want to build muscle and become super man, sure we have fantasies of being a hero... but at the end of the day we love to game, we spend 1000's of dollars on it and I can safely say from personal experience gaming has brought me more joy than excersize.

Gambit072968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

@GreenRingOfLife: Milo is canceled dude.

Adva2968d ago

Core games for kinect=excersise games.

Sheikh Yerbouti2968d ago

If you didn't think GreenRingofLife/Bungie/Whomeve r wasn't misinformed before...LOL

BillOreilly2968d ago

well if a game is fun its good enough for me. i wont get knect til i see how the tgs games come out but i will say kinect adventures looks fun and the sports games would be worth a purchase. many people bought move for sport champions and the promise of good games to come, same with kinect. kinect is more of a social thing to me, much like wii sports. i am happy just for the fact without it we wouldnt have all the creative exclusives like steel batalion.

Moentjers2968d ago

I looked at some trailers of the announced so-called hardcore kinect games and I couldn't find anyone showing the controls.

Just hope they don't screw up nice ideas to try to fit kinect on it.

BLaZiN PRopHeT2968d ago

check out the vids from TGS they announced a few Hardcore games for Kinect that will be launching next year.

AAACE52968d ago

I look at it as the 360 is becoming 2 consoles. The regular games we play and games for the casual. That is why Kinect games specifically have the Kinect label on them.

We will continue to get the games we normally play and Kinect games will come out along with them. In some time, I can see games coming out that use the regular controller and Kinect together. Or MS will come out with a different controller at some point that works with Kinect. More than likely a new controller will just come out with the next system though...

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Blacktric2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Nothing can reaffirm me. Instead of paying 150 dollars for an Add On, I can buy a Nintendo Wii for 199 dollars that has tons of games ranging from casual to hardcore which made for motion control gaming in mind. And I'm not talking about the other useful things like Gamecube backwards compatibility, fully downloadable NES, SNES, N64, Sega classic games through Nintendo Store, etc.

Sheikh Yerbouti2968d ago

True, but I like what they showed at TGS...promising. I'm sure MS doesn't want to confuse the casuals, but Kinect needs to cater to the core know the ones who actually buy games, as in plural.

KILLERAPP2968d ago

They show good things at TGS it gave me hope but until I see people actually playing good core games in it I won’t jump in, MS has the most prove in the next coming year and I wish them luck…

SmokexFFx2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

TGS announcements.

mrv3212968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Yeah because Japan are going wild for the 360 I mean it's competing with PS2 in terms of launch day sales etc... wait the 360 is competing with the PS2 despite the PS2 being out for a 10 years.

Microsoft could be giving away 360's for free and it still wouldn't beat Pokemon sales.

SmokexFFx2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

The 360 not selling well in Japan has nothing to do with the core title announcements at TGS other then that TGS takes place in Japan.

EDIT: Stop avoiding the point, no matter who it is focused on Kinect DOES have hardcore titles that have been shown.

mrv3212968d ago


E3-American focused, prices in America etc... American release dates
Leipzig-European focused with SOME American press
TGS-Japan focused, fewer American press because of the timing, no one can waste a week for some show with few announcements/interviews during the largest period of gaming.

Sheikh Yerbouti2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I honestly think it was done at TGS because they don't want to confuse the American casual market. MS has surrendered all hopes of not being the #3 console in Japan.

They knew American core gamers would be watching TGS though, and we were. Better showing at TGS than E3 for Kinect imho.

Adva2968d ago

Those were videos with no gameplay.

SmokexFFx2968d ago

Yes...yes they were.
Too bad that doesn't stop Steel Battalion from being hardcore now does it?

Adva2968d ago

Lol, I will wait and see how these guys wave their hands to do certain commands.

WLPowell2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It just stops it from being a real Steel Batallion game

You don't take buttons away from a game known for it's 50-button controller.

ranmafandude2968d ago

I'll be over here enjoying my ps3 and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ps2's launch.

jack_burt0n2968d ago

where are the reviews!? is the review embargo until like a month after launch!?! lol

Adva2968d ago

They don't want reviews. Although they won't be that bad, they are just playing it safe lol.

NikoleSmash2968d ago

Yes they do. Of course there will be reviews. Kinect isn't out in NA until later next week. Embargoes are usually for within 48hours of a game's launch.

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