NyuKaze: Killzone 3 - Beta Gameplay + Impressions

NyuKaze: Okay, first off I KNOW this is "just a beta". I'm fully aware that this could be entirely different from the final game, and all that good stuff. These are our impressions of what we were given to play. So far... not so good. The graphics are probably the only thing that has improved since Killzone 2 (multiplayer-wise). Everything else has either remained the same, or gotten worse.

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PaPa-Slam2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Stop being a Whinny little......, i have been playing the Beta and the Beta alone is so much better than Killzone 2 let alone the full version of the game.

Map is fun, controls are responsive, Graphics are better than Killzone 2, everything is fun. Sure there are bugs but thats why you and i are in the Beta to check/point them out.

The guy gave his final verdict that (He's Sure Killzone 3 MP Wont Be Fun For Him) based on the Beta, pfft Kids.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2975d ago

Think this has been posted already.

May I remind the people out there that this is a beta and tweaking will be on going for a while. Minor issues aside this game is fucking awesome and the reason why I think they nitpick so much is because they love it and are being just a little bit over protective of it.

BkaY2975d ago

stop whining and enjoy the game.. and do humanity a favor in this case "us gamers" ... report glitches and bugs... thts y you are in beta..

if you suck playing a game its not games fault .. its yours... and dont justify by writing an article about it..


Nitrowolf22975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

only things that bug me are that when you try to run up some stairs you get stuck, and on one level it gets annoying once the other team get 2-3 mechs and start spawn camping you. Other then that i am loving the beta. I wish there were more maps. Also like the unlock system and customization. I hope, idk i havn't done much so it might be there, but i hope it has server choices are whatever like KZ2 had where you can select which one you want to join in.KZ2 online setup menu was better i think,with the exception that KZ3 menu having more options.

My favorite mode so far idk whats its called but it's awesome cause it does these short cutscenes when you advance on, pretty cool adds a lot to it. Havn't gotten a chance to use jetpacks yet.

to me " 4-5 hours of getting raped by other players who have accomplished nothing other than playing longer than you have" it just sounds like this guy sucks, or like some one had said below doesn't have the beta. really my second match i manage to go 15:3

that whats its called, awesome mode gotta love when you land in as a ISA and advance forward to the tower or a helgaust just having the ISA Swarm in right in front of you

despair2975d ago

I agree completely, I'm not a huge fan of console FPS games but I'm competent on most of them. My first match had me with 3 kills 10 deaths, second match 7 kills 10 deaths and third match 16 kills 5 deaths. It took me all of 20 mins to change it around.

Now I don't like the super accuracy of the weapons, no recoil and for some reason the Tactician with the locate enemy location special really is something that can be abused. I mean 30 seconds of enemy location with big targets painted on them even through walls and it takes like 40 seconds for it to recharge, that's almost the whole match knowing exactly where all your surrounding enemies are.

Now I ignored this "article" because 90% of his problems are either made up(I had zero performance issues) or so minor(clip size really?) that its just them trying to make up space. The beta is great, few quirks and definitely some tweaks to do but I love it so far. I always get a kick out of people shooting at their own teammates to make sure he's not an enemy cloaked :)

thief2975d ago

Regarding spawn camping – thats one of the biggest complaints about maps such as Radec, yet easily avoidable if you use your brains, there are at least two alternative exits you can use to get the jump on your opponents and yet everyone insists on rushing through the same narrow door where you get mown down again and again.

xTruthx2975d ago

This guy was hating the game b4 he even started it lol. I have been playing it and it has been awesome, I only play operations tho. Feels like your in a movie :P

NecrumSlavery2975d ago

agreed. I hope there are different stories for each map in Ops, cause it's just as epic as playing a campaign, but more immersive.

BeOneWithTheGun2975d ago

WHAT? Cloaking? I'm going to have an ulcer waiting for this game to drop.

BiggCMan2975d ago

im guessing you didnt play killzone 2...

mugoldeneagle032975d ago

I had the same complaints as everyone as did for KZ2, I thought it was fun as hell but the control was terrible. I won't say much about the beta (because I don't think I can) but it's WAY more fun than KZ2. I don't know if its because of the jet packs or fixed controller weight but I'm having a blast, and I'm not even that good at the game.

Dixon2975d ago

no its cause they made it noob friendly.

mugoldeneagle032975d ago

It's no where near as "noob friendly" as MW2 or other shooters. I've had a 2:1 K/D ratio in every SOCOM I've played (Since S2), Resistance 1&2, both Modern Warfares, MAG, etc. I consider myself way above average when it comes to shooters.

However, I was pretty bad at Killzone 2. 1:1, maybe a little under, and so far in the KZ3 beta I have like 60 kills and 90 deaths.

So I wouldn't exactly say me enjoying the game more is because it's "noob friendly"

Headshot812975d ago

I dont know, looks like He made an edit of old footage
then slapped his watermark on there?. I've seen a lot of the gameplay before,
somebody confirmed this?

N4Great2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

"Everything else has either remained the same"

First : even if the guy is right, it's a good thing, kz2 was the best multiplayer shooter for skilled people on console : just fact.

second : he is absolutly wrong, jetpack, meca, speed, graphics, it's really different, with a touch of kz2.

My only complaint for the moment is : minuguns/assault, etc are too powerfull, that make the game more noobs friendly, like other shooters, i hope this thing will change, because with that kind of thing, you can't really show your skill, like in kz2 where only the best players finish first in a deatmatch.

by the way, approve yukaze blog ? xfanboyz are really desperated.

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xg-ei8ht2975d ago

Lucky you dude, i've tried everything to get into the beta.

No go for me.

-Mezzo-2975d ago

your not alone, i tried my best but failed as well.

trounbyfire2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

people that don't even care about KZ got in while we are forced to watch videos. i can't play KZ2 because KZ3 looks so B A.

and most of all new maps, i am tired of KZ2 maps and yes I have the 6 map bundle been playing UC2 anyway but only plunder because deathmath is slow and a camp fest in UC2

WHAT are UC2 modes that are action packed besides plunder

jaredhart2975d ago

Looks good! can't wait for the game!

SpaceSquirrel2975d ago

The changes seem for the better in K3

James Vanderbeek2975d ago

ignore this site.. this video is from another person on youtube from a week ago.. they stole this video and just pointed out the bugs. this is probably some troll posting crap on this game because the cant get a beta key.. losers

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